Dear Aubrey – 18 Months


I had hoped I’d be better about these letters to Baby A&W than I have been—I got through the first year then everything dropped off. I’d like to say it’s because I was more worried about living and enjoying life…

I can’t believe I have an 18-month-old now. Aubrey, so much has changed from the time you turned 1, let alone a year ago!

First, let’s update your stats from your 18-month doctor’s appointment:
Height – 34 inches (97th percentile)
Weight – 25 pound ounces (91st percentile)
Head – 48 centimeters (90th percentile)

You’re so tall and lean right now—way too busy to eat three full meals a day in your highchair.  (We’re lucky if we can get you to sit down and eat one meal in your highchair a day.) When you do eat, you’re eating well—I don’t think we’ve found much you won’t eat. You still love your fruit and veggies, loving Greek yogurt and veggies. If you can dip food in more food, you will—pretzel crisps and hummus (you love hummus) and tortilla chips and cheese dip are your favorites.

And you’re not just walking, you’re running…and climbing. You started walking right before your 15-month birthday and you really haven’t stopped since. You climb on everything (I blame your swim classes) and you’re always moving—even in your sleep. It’s funny, a year ago we couldn’t keep socks or shoes on you and you went through your first year barefoot like a “Kentucky baby” and now you’re obsessed with your shoes and making sure you have them on all the time. (Mommy’s told you that you can’t go outside without your shoes one.)


You love being outdoors. You still love your swing, but you love just playing with sticks, your balls, the dogs, dirt, etc. When we go down to the barn you are my little helper with your own little pitchfork. Sometimes you actually help me clean stalls, other times I have to keep you from eating Tangy’s grain. You love the horses so much, it warms my heart. When you see them from the truck in their pastures you wave hello. When you see someone riding, you want to ride, too. Nothing scares you.


You’re learning so much, even when I don’t think you are. You’ve learned to say “Stop that” and wave your finger at the dogs like Grammie does. You do squats and moves like you’re mimicking mommy, and you love to push your own stroller because I’m always pushing it.


You’ve changed babysitters a couple of times—spending two days a week with Miss Morgan for a few months, and now you’re going to start staying with Miss Melissa three days a week while mommy works. It’s been getting harder for mommy to work from home when you’re awake—you always want to know what I’m doing, and you want to play on my computer. It breaks my heart to have to get after you about getting into my stuff, but I have to because I’m afraid you’ll break it. Momma’s been working a lot of late nights—doing a lot of work after you go to bed. It makes it hard for her to get much sleep and be ready for when you wake up early in the morning the next day. See, mommy’s still working full-time and doing her freelancing business, while also being a full-time mommy. I want you to see how hard I’m working to be a good role model for you, and to provide for you everything your heart desires like I was. But then I want you to see your mommy as still fun…but it’s been hard.


I’m looking forward to new adventures with you. I’m stuck in the excitement of watching you grow up and discover new things while growing and learning, and wanting you to stay little (minus the temper tantrums) forever. Thank you for the lessons you have been teaching me these 18 months—I know I have plenty more to go!