A Simple Meal – Taco Salad

Dinner at home is rare for me right now with my work schedule, and with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I don’t want to be stuck in the house, but rather taking the dogs for a walk or doing something besides cook. So the other night, when both M and I were actually home for dinner, I wanted something different, so I decided to make taco salad.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any taco meat seasoning or even any chili seasoning (chili seasoning does well in a pinch, fyi). So as I was browning the ground turkey, I added dried chopped onions, some fresh ground black pepper, a little garlic powder, and some red pepper flakes. Then once the meat was browned, I added some salsa and some taco sauce to give the meat a little more flavor.

Meanwhile, I chopped up the half head of iceberg lettuce we had left from salad earlier in the week (M hates bagged salad). I added a few tortilla chips to a bottom of my salad bowl (gotta have a little crunch in there), then piled on the lettuce, browned taco meat, some light shredded cheese, and more salsa. It was exactly what we both needed–a light, yet filling meal that was quick and healthier than going out (and cheaper, too).

I think next time I might add some beans for a little more protein and fiber. M added his trademark banana peppers. If I ever got the gumption to try to make healthy guacamole (or I could just buy it…), that’d be great to add on, too.

Feel free to make the recipe your own–that’s part of the fun of taco salads, right?

A colorful bowl of yumminess!


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