A Kick in the Shorts

The other night I went with a co-worker back to the local YMCA that I used to be a member of (I couldn’t afford the rates any more). He talked me into going to a class that we used to do together every Wednesday. It’s like a boot-camp type class, but a little different.

Our instructor, Taylor, runs us through some quick cardio sets to get our hearts pumping: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees, butt kicks, sprints down and back across the room, bear crawls, side-shuffles, etc. This typically lasts the first half of the class, and you’re just dying for that 3-minute break. The second half involves dumbbells and different workouts such as X-squats (squat down with dumbbells in the middle of your legs, then as you stand up, your arms go up and you look like you’re an X), push-ups (10 sets of 20 seconds throughout the session, for a total of 160), wall sits, lunges, planks with 1 arm up or 1 leg up (at the end we held opposite arm and leg up for 10 seconds), etc. It’s a solid hour of sweat- and cuss-inducing fun. Yes, I really do mean fun.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a class like that. Lately, with my schedule, I haven’t been able to attend any classes at my gym because I really only have 25 minutes after work before I have to leave for job #2, so I have to do my workouts on my own. It’s not that big of a deal, but lately I haven’t been feeling very inspired when it comes to my workouts. But this class revived that competitiveness in me that I have been missing in the past month since my half marathon. I pushed myself to the brink for an hour, only looking at the clock once–when we broke for our break.

It was the kind-of workout that I hope has brought me out of my funk lately. I just wish I could go to it more often, but I think after a while the Y might notice me walking through with my co-worker (and I rarely have Wednesdays off).

Has there been a workout that re-inspired you?


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