My Next Running Adventure: Becoming A Warrior

So now that I’ve tackled a half marathon, I needed something else to look forward to and train towards. Luckily, back in April, a co-worker of mine approached me with an event in mid-June that, after looking at the couse map, I knew I couldn’t pass up.

I’ve heard about the Warrior Dash before, but there was never an event near Lexington. That is, until this year. On June 23 they’ll be having an event in Lebanon, Ky., which is a doable drive for the day.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Warrior Dash, my fiance put it best, when he said it reminded him of something they’d do in basic training for the Air Force. The Kentucky event is 3.4 miles long through an equestrian center. After the start line, you run for a while and then you come upon different challenging obstacles. These obstacles include running through tires and up and over old cars, over rope ladders and solid wood walls, under barbed wire, through mud bogs, and over fire lines. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? It should be a blast!!

When you cross the finish line, you’re awarded a finisher’s medal, a warrior’s helmet, cold beer, and a turkey leg. Yep…a turkey leg. I’m excited for the medal, helmet, and of coruse the beer, but I think I’ll donate the turkey leg to a hungrier soul than me.

And did I mention that the co-worker that mentioned the event to me, and signed up a day before me, is in his 60s?? Tom is crazy awesome. We worked out together when I went to the YMCA and he always motivated me–if Tom could do something, so could I. We’ll be completing the course with a few others from a boot camp training class I used to do at the Y, so it should be a lot of fun.

So now, on top of my usual running training, I’m getting back to incorporating more cross training to work on my upper body strength, which I know has always been a little lack luster. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up pulling myself up ropes and such.

Have you ever competed in a Warrior Dash? I hear there’s debate over which is harder–the Dash or a Tough Mudder. There aren’t any Mudders in my area, so for now I’ll give this a whirl!


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