Another Running Letdown

Throughout the week I was looking forward to this morning when I was planning a simple, no-stress long run of around 6 miles–my first long run since the half marathon.

Friday, however, I started to feel more pain in my IT band. I woke up early and did a yoga DVD, hoping that the stretching would help it out some. It didn’t. I woke up throughout the night feeling pain in my right hip and IT band.

When I finally did wake up today, it hurt to even swing my leg out of bed. I thought maybe I could at least hit the 2.5 mile loop around the park by our house, and if I felt alright, do a second loop for 5 miles, but just walking around hurt.

So like a good patient, I decided it best to not run and not stress whatever was wrong. It was just disappointing because this weekend might be one of the last weekends in a while that I have the time for a long run, and I don’t want to get out of practice/shape because it can be so hard to get it all back.

Meanwhile, my foot is feeling much better. I had an appointment with a sports medicine orthopedist earlier in the week to look at it, and he deemed it tendonitis. Not much you can do for that, except rest…and we all know I don’t do that well.


2 thoughts on “Another Running Letdown

  1. What a shame, I had big problems with my IT band recently. Rest helped at first but the main thing for me was active recovery, getting out on my bike really helped! Good luck hope it sorts itself soon! Nice blog too btw.

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