Getting Back to Healthy

The beginning of the year always seems to be the time people look for a change. Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves in the previous year. They start off with so much hope and great intentions. But, unfortunately, they don’t tend to stay on the course.

Well, guess what…I’m joining those ranks (the ones looking for a change, not the one straying off course). However, I started my journey at the end of November.


When I finally got a full-time job that allowed me to have a little more cash flow, I knew I immediately needed to get back into the gym. While I haven’t been in a “normal gym” for three years, I knew that I had to make the most of it, until I can afford to join a new CrossFit box. So I joined Anytime Fitness in my hometown. I chose this gym because it was close to my office, and open 24 hours a day. My plan has been to use my lunch break the days I work in the office to workout to get in short cardio sessions (25 minute hill or speed intervals on the treadmill). On days that I work from work from home I hope to hit the gym early in the morning before my husband has to leave for work for some weights.

It’s been so hard to be my normal self. When I lived in Lexington I had the support and community of Man O’War CrossFit. My guys were always looking for me every morning. Even after Baby A&W was born, I still managed to go almost every day. But that’s when she would sleep throughout our WODs, which made it more manageable. Our neighborhood was so perfect for walks of all lengths, and I would walk the dogs everyday after work (whether Baby A&W was in her carrier or stroller).

But now, I don’t have the CrossFit community for support. I don’t have the flexibility of a sleeping baby in her carseat to bring with me. I don’t have sidewalks, street lamps, or multiple routes for walks–country roads aren’t the best to walk on come dusk/dark. And the winter weather isn’t conducive for a baby to be out in the elements for long periods of time.

But I can’t continue with the excuses. I’m at a stage in my health that I never thought I would be at, and it’s frustrating.

So I looked for what I call “Forced Motivation.” Knowing that I’m paying for a gym membership means I need to make the most of it. For Christmas my sister paid for my registration in two half marathons (April 16 and May 7). Knowing that I have two big races. so close together, means that I need to be getting my strength back before adding the mileage.


So, I’ve been hitting the gym more regularly now. I’ve set goals–not only in weight loss but also in ability when it comes to getting back to my old self. I’m already feeling a difference and I look forward to the workouts. There have been some exhausting nights with A&W not sleeping through the night, teething, or just being sick, not to mention that I’ve worked a lot of late nights trying to hit my freelancing deadlines. But those aren’t an excuse.

I’m thankful for Coach Taylor that he continues to post the weekly WODs for MOWCF on their Facebook page. When I’m preparing for my weight lifting days, I check to see what my old CrossFit family did as far as WODs and then try to see if I can do them in some form or fashion at my “boring gym.” Or, I’ll make up my own.

Here are some workouts I’ve done:


I’m also going to get back to blogging more regularly, as I want to use this as an accountability tool again. I’m excited about the two half marathons I’ve got coming up, but also very nervous about training on my own and getting back to being fit.

Your turn: How are you getting back to being fit in 2016?


Running While Pregnant: Simple Mile Interval WOD

Now that I’m at 30 weeks pregnant, running isn’t what it used to be…not even when I was at 20 weeks! Hills are killer–gets my heart rate and breathing up way too high. Plus the pressure on my bladder gets to me after about a mile or so (I know, TMI). My usual route around my neighborhood is very hilly, and doesn’t leave locations for bathroom trips. So I’ve cut back way more on running than I like.

But that’s when I came up with a simple WOD to do at my box–Man O’War CrossFit. I went in on Saturday morning and decided to make the most of what I had available to me. Where we do our runs for regular WODs is pretty flat, and the strip of road is a half-mile long. I really wanted to run, but knew I couldn’t join my running team, so I figured dong mile intervals was the next best thing.

I came up with this WOD with the pregnant woman in mind (thinking how we need to have a break to use the restroom, take our time to get our heartrate down, etc.), but it’s perfect for anyone. My running splits were steady–10 minute miles. So I finished in around 40 minutes (I didn’t use a clock to time the whole WOD, just my runs).


Give it a try and let me know what you think! I wanted something that also worked on my upper and lower back, and was different from what we had done earlier in the week. This was perfect.

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Sore Traps & Triceps: This Week’s Workouts

Happy Friday!! I’m so excited for the weekend to be here–normally for me the weekend is just any other day right now, but this weekend we’re heading to Tennessee for an agility trial with the pups. The weather should be gorgeous and it’s at a new facility, so I’m excited for a change.

I realized that lately I’ve skimped on posting my workouts. Just because I haven’t been sharing them on here doesn’t mean I haven’t been busting my bum, don’t worry! I’ve actually noticed that I’ve lost some more weight, but still gaining a lot of muscle.

This week was a little light on the workouts at Man O’War CrossFit. Tuesday I had a job interview in Louisville, so I used that as my rest day instead of the usual Wednesday. Then instead of running my 6 planned miles this week, I did extra long walks with the dogs (my IT band was bothering me a little after my 5K this past weekend).

So here were the WODs I did this week:



Monday’s was killer, especially since my quads were still sore from the 5K and previous week. I did back squats at 105 pounds and deadlifts at 115, and averaged about 25-28 wall balls every minute. The 3×400 took me about 7 minutes or so to do, with the 2 minutes rest in there.

Wednesday made my arms so sore for the rest of the week! I did 70 pounds for the thrusters, then 65 pounds for the hang clusters. For three of the rounds I did my toes to bar on the ground, meaning I laid flat on my back with my arms out to the side and raised my legs up and down–we didn’t have any chalk in the box and I didn’t want to risk tearing my finally-healed hands again.

Thursdays are generally our partner workout days. Ashley and I teamed up, crushing the firs 800. We went into the WOD thinking we’d do two circuits, then switch, but after a couple of rounds Ashley could only do one at a time, while I continued doing two. I couldn’t tell you how many I ended up doing, but it was at 65 pounds, and towards the end that last push press sucked!

Friday should have seemed easy because it was all body weight, right?? Wrong! We’re talking 100 pull-ups, 150 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, and 250 air squats. I used rubber bands for the pull-ups, and did almost all of the push-ups on my toes. My bum is rubbed raw from using the ab mat on the sit-ups–those suck! And I’m sure I’ll feel my quads tomorrow morning.

Overall, I pushed it hard with the weights this week! My traps, triceps, and quads are all sore, but in a good way. I’m feeling stronger every day and I love it!

Your turn: Any tips for ab mat sit-ups and preventing bum-burns? 

Ohhhh CrossFit Kelly…

Fridays at Man O’War CrossFit are “Benchmark Days.” Lately we’ve been doing a different girl benchmark workout every Friday, which has been a lot of fun. I like the challenge of the benchmark workouts because you can see where you are compared to everyone else in the box.

So this past Friday we did Kelly:


And let me tell you, after a week where we re-did the CrossFit Total (which meant new PRs in back squats, push press, and dead lifts), dumbbell box step-ups, front squats, and started the new August challenge with finding your one-rep max in cleans and overhead squats….Kelly is mean to your already-exhausted legs.

But, I’m proud to say this was my first benchmark workout that I was able to do as prescribed–20″ box jumps and 14 lb wall balls! After about the third round my legs were starting to shake and I was taking longer to do the box jumps. However, only once did I stub my toe on the box, so that’s pretty darn good! I finished in 32:14!

Here’s what we were up to the rest of the week:



What’s your favorite CrossFit workout? If you don’t do CrossFit, what’s your favorite way to measure your strength gains?