10 Things to Know How to do by 30

So it might be a little odd that I post this now, since I turned 30 in November, but I received an email from The Nest with an article titled “10 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do by 30” and I took a look at it to see if I succeeded in that, now that my 30s are a few months old…

  1. How to budget
    OK, so maybe I’m not the best at budgeting (M certainly has that over me), but I do know when I have the cash and when I don’t, and I’m generally pretty good about not overspending. I do need to work a little closer with M, and not expect him to do all the financial work for me, and that’s why it’s one of my 2013 goals to be more financially fit together. This just poked me into more action…
  2. How to cook (at least one) signature dish
    I would have to say I have at least a couple signature dishes that I make…maybe not on a regular basis, but I still can make them. I’ve expanded my horizons with cooking lately, thanks to Pinterest and healthy bloggers that I follow, so this one is always a work in progress.
  3. How to write professionally
    If there’s one thing a freelancer should know how to do, it’s how to write. But I did take some professional writing classes in college so I knew how to write memos at work, resumes, etc. It’s definitely a different type of writing, and one that everyone, no matter what profession you are, should learn.
  4. How to not part with your hard-earned cash
    This goes right along with #1. I tend to be pretty stingy with money at times, and I always have buyer’s remorse, even when I buy just one shirt! I think for me, I have to learn to be happy with purchases I make for myself and not feel so guilty all the time–I work hard for the little bit of money I earn, so I should be able to enjoy it every once in a while.
  5. How to change a flat tire
    Oh yeah, I’ve got this one in the bag! I knew how to change my own flat tire when I got my license at 16. And when I started hauling our horse trailer to shows and rodeos, I learned how to change the tires on our horse trailer (with and without a horse in it). My dad made sure his girls were very self-sufficient and independent (and poor M is reminded of that a lot).
  6. How to look up your credit report
    I somewhat know how to do this…I’ve done it before. But I’m so worried about how they say the more you look up your credit, it affects your numbers, so I don’t do it very much. Perhaps I should try it to see where things stand right now…
  7. How to manage your money…digitally
    Online banking is the way to be. M does all of our banking online (he doesn’t even have checks, and it drives him nuts that I do–hey, entry fees for agility trials take check, not credit!). I can manage my money online, and have been toying with getting our bank’s app on my phone, but then that scares me if something were to happen to my phone. So I think I’ll wait on that one.
  8. How to swim
    I think this should be something you should learn before you’re 15! Knowing how to swim can save your life. I know how to swim to get by, but I wish I knew how to swim effectively and proficiently. It’d be great to be able to incorporate that into my workouts more (I did do some swimming when I had a stress fracture in my foot a couple of years ago).
  9. How to move on
    From the slide: “We mean this in the broadest sense possible, whether it’s moving on after you didn’t get the job you wanted, after learning that the mortgage for the home you loved is way out of your price range, and, okay, sure, getting over old relationships.”

    I have a hard time with this. I’m afraid of letting go or change, so moving on from things like an unsatisfactory job, friendships that aren’t fulfilling, etc., is hard for me. However, things like the house, etc., that are more physical and I can see money being taken away from me is easier to handle. I tend to hold onto friendships that might have been dying for months, just because I have a glimmer of hope we might be able to rekindle things. And it’s draining for me in so many ways.

  10. How to strike a balance between work and life
    I think I have a decent balance between work and life, because it’s my life that helps relieve the stress from work. But I need to strike more of a balance in my life outside of work–see more friends, expand my horizons to learn more and do more, etc. I think it’d lead to me having a happier and more fulfilling life.

How do you stack on this list?