Workplace Insights

The following is mostly just a stream of thoughts put to the keyboard…but I feel it’s an important topic that everyone should feel open to discuss.

They say you spend a very big portion of your life working. You spend at least a third of your day working. So you want what you do your a living to be enjoyable, right? But it’s not all 100% just about you, but about the people you work with is just as important. You have to be able to get along with your co-workers and your management.

So what do you do when you’re unhappy with your work? I’m not talking about myself at this current moment in particular, but just talking from experiences in my past and some of my friends’ experiences.

It’s imperative that whoever you are, wherever you work, you have a support system at work. Now this is different from the support system I talked about in a previous post, but the support you should receive from someone like your boss and your coworkers.

I’m lucky to currently have a boss that cultivates creativity and has the back of her employees. If we need a day off, she’s all about finding someone to help make sure our job (which can basically be 24/7) is taken care of. She works hard to make sure our jobs aren’t too difficult, yet she challenges us to think of new ideas and concepts to help the company.

Some might not be so fortunate–they might feel stuck in their position, pigeon-holed to stay within the lines and not be able to stretch their legs outside of the job description that’s on paper. Or they have a boss that might believe in the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality because perhaps they feel entitled? They might forget that they were once in the position of their employees (hey, we all started somewhere, right?). But it’s a leader like that can create a stifling environment, which can be unpleasant for anyone. You don’t want to work in an unpleasant environment after a while–it eats away at your soul and your heart. This can make life move slowly…miserably.

Yet, in this economy, we feel trapped. If you have a job, you’re darn tootin’ going to do your best to keep it–that is, until you are able to find something better–but still, you’re afraid to shake the boat because you need that income and those benefits.

So what is someone to do when they’re unhappy? Right now, you just keep plugging along. You keep your chin held high and your head to the brimstone and do your job and pray for things to get better.

Or, you can take that leap and hope for the best…you just have to plan a little for the future before doing so.

So which is it? 


Crossing Fingers

We're going to need a full room of these suckers on Wednesday.

We’re going to need a full room of these suckers on Wednesday.

In August, just two months before our wedding, M lost his job. It was horrible timing, but we feel it was perhaps a blessing in disguise because he had been wanting to move on but I think he felt trapped. This was the push he needed to decide what he really wanted to do.

He started back in school earlier in the summer to finish his degree, something I had been trying to persuade him to do and to take advantage of the GI Bill before it was gone. It was hard for him to focus on school and the long hours at work, and he was trying to figure out which was going to give. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it was the job that gave, but it allowed him to focus on schoolwork and give him time to do a lot of thinking. He wanted to go one direction, but then when opportunity came knocking last month, he decided what he really wanted was to be in sales, like he was with his previous job, only to take more of a management role. M is a very good salesman and he knows his stuff, so this opportunity is perfect for him.

He’s gone through a few interviews and a lot of pep talks, but Wednesday is the big day for his interview with an upper level manager. We’re hoping this is it–the last interview that leads to a job offer, the end of worrying about unemployment requirements, the end of his total boredom at home.

So, I’m just asking for everyone’s luck, crossed fingers and toes, and anything else you do for good luck. I hope I can report back soon with good news!!