Running While Pregnant: 34 Weeks

I don’t know why I’ve titled this “Running While Pregnant”…truth is, I haven’t run since early December. I had stopped running in my neighborhood because the hills were making my breathing and heartrate skyrocket, which isn’t good for the baby. So I was doing mile repeats on a strip by my CrossFit box because it was flat, but that was only on Saturdays. It just got discouraging for me, so I just stopped.

Which that discourages me, too. I had hoped to continue running as long as I could…and maybe I did accomplish that. But when I think about that moment that I’ll get to start running again, I get scared–is it going to be as hard restarting my running as it was when I first started running eight years ago? How will I mentally handle the fact that my speed that I was constantly increasing successfully is completely gone? And what about learning to run with a stroller? That’s going to be another uphill battle.

So those have been some thoughts in my mind lately about running…but man, do I miss it! There have been many moments lately where I’ve just wanted to lace up my shoes and just go run. There’s something about a sweaty, heavy breathing run that can just take away the stress and worries of everyday life, and I’ve missed that.

But that doesn’t mean I have completely stopped working out–I still go to Man O’War CrossFit just about every morning. I’m still doing the strength portions and the WODs, just at my own pace and lowered weights. I’m determined to keep going as long as I can.

Please someone buy this for Baby A&W! :-)

Please someone buy this for Baby A&W! 🙂

I’ve had a few hiccups with Baby A&W that required me to be under observation–mostly for being a little lazy (which turned out to be fine), and once for having some slight contractions (which I couldn’t feel, so the doctor said they weren’t pre-term labor contractions). Because of the latter, I’ve been advised to take the “intensity” out of my workouts and to “take it easy” with activity. It’s very hard for me to “take it easy” because I try to give everything I do my all, and hate to feel like I half-assed something. But I know it’s for the good of the baby’s health, as well as my own.

It’s hard to believe it’s already January…I’m 34 weeks along, and the countdown is getting smaller and smaller. We have an ultrasound on Monday and then we plan for the last month with the doctor and see where things are.


3 thoughts on “Running While Pregnant: 34 Weeks

  1. I know you feel like taking it down a notch is half-assing it, but think about it this way, you’re whole-assing making a human in the best and most healthy way possible.

    Running will be different post baby, but you’ll be able to get back to where you were because you have the drive and determination to do it. And, dude, if you run pushing a stroller, imagine what your times will be when you don’t. My mom likes to talk about how she worked out through her pregnancy with me. After I was born she walked down three flights of stairs in their Queens apartment with a stroller in one hand and me in the other. She’d go for a run and back up the stairs she’d go. I totally see that in you, minus the Queens apartment.

    This year will hopefully be baby year for Chuck and me, and you – even when you’re “half-assing” it – are an inspiration. Hearing about how you continue to stay as active as you do is such a kick in the butt to say, “yeah, I can do that too.” I mean, sometimes when I’m feeling like I can’t keep running, I think about all you’ve done and it gives me a boost to keep at it. I hope to continue running, doing yoga and working out during my future pregnancy with the same dedication you bring to yours.

  2. You’ll be back to your old running self in no time. Right now just take care of yourself & your little baby on the way! Don’t forget to remind yourself that you were able to run much longer then some other people. I admire you for that ❤

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