Link Love: Pregnancy Weight, Running + CrossFit, Life Skills

Happy Wednesday!! Looking for a way to get through the Hump Day? Try these three reads for something a little different.


Pregnancy Weight Gain-Number on the Scale (Creating a Better Today): This post hit the nail on the head for me. One of my negative feelings towards pregnancy is the weight gain. I’ve felt so conflicted about gaining weight so early in my pregnancy–five pounds in the first 12 weeks, mind you. For someone who has worked hard to lose weight and get stronger, to see yourself suddenly gaining weight while you’re working out just the same, eating more (but trying to eat healthy), it’s so frustrating. I applaud Sarah for her positive attitude, and I desperately wish I had just a smidgen of that.

Why Runners Should do CrossFit (PopSugar Fitness): I am a huge propent for doing CrossFit and running. While it’s hard to find the right balance of how much of each to do, it’s so worthwhile to change up your workouts. I can’t tell you how much stronger I feel on my runs now that I’ve been doing CrossFit at Man O’War CrossFit for more than a year now. Plus, I’ve had less injuries and recover much better.

49 Life Skills Every Modern Woman Should Have (Huffington Post): This is an eclectic list, y’all! I have to say, I am not good at negotiating much, especially when it comes to salaries. I really need practice on CPR and the Heimlich, but I can change the truck and horse trailer tire (with the horse still inside) with no problems (thanks to my daddy!). I don’t know how to open a bottle of champagne gracefully, but I don’t really drink the stuff (unless it’s in a mimosa) anyway. 😉 How many of these skills do you have?

Your turn: What’s something interesting you’ve read this week?


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