Link Love: Running Less, CrossFit Games, CrossFit Love

It’s time for another Link Love, where I’m happy to share some of my recent reads I’m loving lately.


The Benefits of Running Less (Runners’ World): I tested this theory over the spring, training for my third half marathon while running less and doing more cross-training (at Man O’War CrossFit), and I have to say I was very impressed with how I came out–no injuries for the first time in three years, and a new PR! For some runners, our bodies can’t take the constant pounding everyday–I’ve discovered that way too often. Instead, the CrossFit has helped my endurance and my overall strength. What do you think of running less?

For the Love of CrossFit: Everyone’s All In It Together at the Games ( This is why I love CrossFit, and this is why I have no problem supporting it! If you happened to catch any part of the games last weekend, you would have seen some of the greatest athletes in the world competing, and the best fans. Fans that cheer louder for the last person still working than for the winner. The winner, and those finishing close to first, cheering on and coaching the later finishers and pushing them towards their greatness. At the games, the women are treated equally as the men–same WODs (just scaled weights), same prize money and prizes (there’s a novel idea), etc. Where else do you see that kind of celebration?



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