Big Announcement…**** Makes 3

Remember how I said things have been crazy busy and I have a big announcement to share?

Well…it’s a bit of surprise (read: VERY big surprise for me and M), but…


(Yes, even if the line is faint, it counts...)

(Yes, even if the line is faint, it counts…)

No, it wasn’t planned, so we weren’t expecting it. In fact, I had been on birth control pills for about 13 years. So, yes, when they say contraceptive isn’t 100%, they’re right. 🙂

But, that doesn’t mean we’re not excited.

I took my first test on June 15, after my Bourbon Derby Half Marathon, and on Father’s Day. I waited until M came home from work (he was on second shift), and the pups met him with these signs:


LaMesa: “I’m going to be a big sister! (But I’m still your Baby Bitz)” Dally: “Oh no…another one?? (I’m still #1)”

It took M a while to figure out what the signs meant…at first he thought we were getting another puppy (without me asking him), then he thought another cat… I finally showed him the test and his confusion turned to a big grin…then more confusion. Sure we’ve been talking about the potential of us having children, but we never came up with a certain decision. It’s been said that’s probably the best way for this to happen–just let nature handle it.

I took another test the next morning, then made a doctor’s appointment for the blood test.  After the test came positive, I was recommended an OBGYN and we had our first appointment last week.

We had gone ahead and told our families over the 4th of July weekend because we wanted to tell them in person, and that was the only time we could do so. There were some mixed reactions, but it warmed my heart when I heard that my dad had just said he didn’t think he’d ever be a grandpa…and now he will be. M’s grandma, who has been in a nursing home since having a stroke, had said she didn’t think she’d live to be a great-grandma, and she’s very excited.

Of course, I had traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, right after I found out I was pregnant, so I had to do my best to not tell everyone. I did, however, stop by Litchfield Beach, where M and I had our honeymoon, and was able to share the news with the beach/ocean I fell in love with:



Ironically, M and I met and had our first date on February 1, 2009, so to have our baby due in February 2015 is pretty cool.

The official due date is February 11, 2015.

I’ve already talked with my nurses/doctors about my busy lifestyle. I explained that the antiquated recommendation of pregnant women not lifting more than 25 pounds would not work for me. “Here’s what I do,” I said. “I do CrossFit 4-5 days a week, run 1-2 days a week, play sand volleyball twice a week, dog agility, and lots of dog walks. I’ve already talked with friends who have done CrossFit while pregnant and I have done research already. I just lifted 80 pounds yesterday morning, and that was cutting the weight down.”

Needless to say my doctors were impressed, pregnant or not, I was their most active patient. I explained my concern that I had registered for a half marathon in October back in April. For right now, I’m going to continue my running, but cut back on my pace and take more walk breaks. A woman that runs in the same running group as me let me borrow the book Running & Pregnancy by Runners’ World to read up on how to continue running and live a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. So far it’s been a good read.

I’m most likely not going to be that typical expectant mother and share ultrasounds and belly photos–I’m having a hard time just wrapping my head around being pregnant (I’ll probably post on that more later). I’ll share how I’ve been doing with my workouts, and my struggles with staying healthy. (I have not experienced any morning sickness, but instead I’m extremely exhausted and starving all the time.)

Your turn: Any pregnancy nutrition and workout tips are appreciated!


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