Prioritizing Life

I realize I have been rather quiet on here lately, but June has been a crazy-busy month for me! There are some nights a week where I work both job number one (full-time marketing job) and job number two (part-time sand volleyball ref) from 8 am to after midnight. Somewhere in there I have to squeeze in job number three (freelance writer) because I have deadlines. So when it comes to the “side stuff”, blogging on this site and my dog agility training blog kind-of get pushed aside.

I have so much to update you on though: Running in the Bourbon Derby Half Marathon; visiting Charleston, S.C., for the American Horse Publications Seminar; a quick desert recipe; surprising news; etc. So don’t think I’m completely abandoning things!

I finally have a weekend where I’ll be in town (minus some things the first part of the day Saturday), so I plan on getting caught up on my writing, plus getting some deadline work done.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a scene from Charleston to prep you for the weekend:

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina


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