10 Hard-Fought Miles in a Busy Schedule

I’m going into the last couple of weeks before my mid-June half marathon. These are the hardest because my schedule is ramping up even more (yes…it really can get busier…). I had a dog agility trial this weekend, but I knew I still needed to find a way to get in 10 training miles. My running group was planning to meet to run on the Bourdon Derby route, but that was an hour away from my house. Add in the two hours for the run and another hour back–I wouldn’t be able to make it to Louisville for my agility runs on time.

Luckily a couple of people from the same running group decided to meet downtown an hour earlier (6) for 10 miles–PERFECT! I set the alarm for a 5 am wake up and set out to tackle double digit miles for the first time in more than a year.

The morning wasn’t too humid, yet. We had to do a few different loops because we were picking people up at 6:30 and dropping off someone at 7. So we ran 3 different loops–3 miles, 2 miles, and then 5 miles. It wasn’t easy, but it got done.

Mile 1 — 10:02
Mile 2 — 9:47
Mile 3 — 9:44
Mile 4 — 9:29
Mile 5 — 9:05

The funny thing is, we talked about having a 10-10:30 mile pace, which made me happy because I needed to really work on my pacing and keeping things easy (instead of just my 9:45-10 par I usually have). However we had a couple of runners who like to run a fast pace…so there went my slow training run.

Mile 6 — 9:36
Mile 7 — 9:42
Mile 8 — 9:57
Mile 9 — 9:49
Mile 10 — 10:22 (had to walk a little)
10.29 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes 33 seconds

It was nice to have the loops because I could run back to my car and get a couple of drinks of water to keep me hydrated. However I felt like that made the running tougher because it allowed my legs to tighten up during the short breaks (though I did do stretching, etc.).

I fueled mid-way with some Gatorade chews–I can’t handle the gels very well, and I wasn’t able to get to the running store to pick up my Sport Beans, but I liked these just as much. Afterwards I rehydrated with a pack of Nuun. It was my first time trying it, and it was on sale at Kroger. It wasn’t too bad, and I’m looking forward to having more throughout the summer to help stay hydrated.


During our run some were talking about the route of the Bourbon Derby, and let’s just say I’m now even more concerned. It’s a pretty hilly course, which I’m used to training for Run the Bluegrass and around in my neighborhood, but they say there are no flat parts. I know I haven’t trained the best for this race, due to lack of time and illness. So I’ve already been mentally preparing myself that I don’t need to go all-out for this run. I might plan to do some run-walk intervals to keep myself moving forward. My goal might not to PR the race, but I want to finish it and I want to finish it strong.

Your turn: How would you deal with going into a race not feeling very prepared?


3 thoughts on “10 Hard-Fought Miles in a Busy Schedule

  1. You got this!! I am planning on doing the 4 miler that day. However I have been suffering with hip pain, I have an appointment on Friday with a sports medicine doctor. I so hope he can get me healed up so I can still run it! 🙂 Good luck girl!

      • Yes, I have planned on doing just the four miler. I have appt on Friday with the sports medicine doctor. I will keep you posted! I so hope I can, then I can cheer you on in the half! 🙂

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