Getting it Done–8 Tough Miles

After three weeks of no running, due to lack of time and then illness, I finally tied up my running shoes on Sunday (thanks to severe storms hitting the area Saturday morning, there was no running) and hit the pavement for what I was hoping would be 8 miles.

See, it hit me hard last week that I have a half marathon in a month. Oh yeah….I signed up for a half marathon? In the middle of June? Awesome. What was I thinking??

I figured my running and early long miles will help me. I ran with friends this Spring to help them train for their half marathons, getting up to 9 miles, so that’s been a big help, to know that I can still do it. I’m already thinking there won’t be a PR in this race–mid-June in Central Kentucky can be brutal–either really hot/humid, or nice. But I at least want to give it a good solid try!

I met up with a couple of runners from the Striders running group for a run on a new route for me. I warned them that I wasn’t 100%, but we were going to try to stick with a 9:45 pace.

Mile 1 – 10:16
Mile 2 – 9:33
Mile 3 – 9:31
Mile 4 – 10:12

After the first half of the run, which was very hilly, I started to struggle. I’d have to stop and walk a few steps to catch my breath–my lungs still battling the leftover from my walking pneumonia two weeks ago. Luckily my running mates understood and were OK with taking it easy (they were recovering from the the Flying Pig Marathon the previous week).

Mile 5 – 10:20
Mile 6 – 10:20
Mile 7 – 11:31 (lots of running, then walking)
Mile .72 – 9:47

Total = 7.72 miles/1:18:47


When we came back to where we parked, I knew we weren’t going to hit exactly 8 miles, but I also knew my lungs were about done for. Considering I hadn’t run in about three weeks, and I was running this farm after overcoming being sick, I was OK with stopping there. I didn’t need to push myself further or make things worse.

Overall, I was OK with my training run. I didn’t expect anything better, and I accomplished my goal of running at least the first part without stopping. I know I have some ground to make up in the next few weeks, so I’m ready and devoted even more to training more consistently–better late than never, right?

Your turn: How have you overcome being sick with workouts?


3 thoughts on “Getting it Done–8 Tough Miles

  1. I had 8 miles yesterday! it was my longest run to date! My half marathon is in June! Right around the corner! At least you got out there and got it done! Hope you start feeling even better soon! 🙂

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