Good Reads: Tracking Workouts, Your Body, Put the Phone Away

Life is so crazy busy for me right now that I basically fit in all of my blog reading on the weekends, or at random times in the few evenings I have available. But I still like to share some of my favorite reads from what I’ve been able to catch through the past couple of weeks.


Why Should You Track Your Workouts (Olive to Run): I am guilty of not tracking my workouts very well, which is pretty bad considering that I know it’s important to do so in CrossFit to track your progression. Tracking your workouts allows you to be proud of any little progression in your training, and help you set more realistic goals. I need to be better about it and plan to use an app on my phone. If you have any suggestions, please share them below!

Our Bodies are Really Darn Smart (Piloting Paper Airplanes): Ummm…yeah….I know I need to listen to my body more. My experience of nearly going to the hospital from exhaustion/walking pneumonia because of being way too busy taught me that. Being able to track your nutrition and seeing what you might be lacking is really interesting. I love the infographics that help illustrate things!

Look Up! (Life is Good):  This moving video has been going viral on Facebook this week. Admit it–we’re all at fault at some point or another about being glued to our phones, social media, etc. I know I am. And I know it’s frustrating when you’re at dinner with your husband and he has his phone out and having conversations with friends while you’re sitting across the table from you. Social media drives so much more than just the news now. But we need to step away and get reacquainted with the real world and life. Watch and spread the word!

15 Minor Life Annoyances (The Lean Green Bean Blog): This is awesome! I think we all need to do a little venting every now and then, and Lindsay rocked it with this post. Now that I got us all serious with the video above, now you can laugh and totally agree with this fun post.

Your turn: Share one of your favorite reads from the past few weeks below!

6 thoughts on “Good Reads: Tracking Workouts, Your Body, Put the Phone Away

  1. Awe, thanks for the link love! Being intuitive about our bodies is SO hard sometimes! It has certainly been a “retraining” of how I should take care of myself.

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