Good Reads: Sports Bras, Healthy Cooking & Eating, Defending CrossFit

Sometimes I find it relaxing to just be able to sit down with my MacBook and read new blogs. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do that in quite some time. However, here are some good reads from the week:


5 Sports Bra Commandments (Keep It SimpELLE): As a woman who is “blessed” with an ample chest, sports bras are always something that is a pain! I hate trying to find the right bra, but when I do, I try to buy as many as I can afford–and they can be expensive. There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting sports bra as you’re trying to push for a 7-miler, or go through Karen in the CrossFit box (150 wall balls). Elle is right on point!

Healthy Cooking Solutions (Slim Sanity): I love if I can find a healthy substitution for cooking and baking, because then I hope I can enjoy my favorite foods without a lot of guilt. Alysia shares some great tips, some that I knew and some that I didn’t. I really need to try doing mashed cauliflower! M loves mashed potatoes, so why not try something different and healthier?

5 Adjectives to Avoid While Eating Out (Diary of an Ex-Sloth): Crispy, Slathered, Battered, Breaded, and Rich…yep, those are some tempting, but also some naughty adjectives when it comes to foods! Giselle offers great alternatives for some of your favorite foods that just might contain those words. Great things to remember!

In Defense of CrossFit (T-Nation): This paragraph says it all: Again, God bless CrossFit. Women in droves are lifting weights, squatting, deadlifting, climbing ropes, sweating, and building beautiful bodies. In an increasingly unfit world of sloppy cows and praying-mantis legs, CrossFit helped redefine sexy and gave women the green light to do what they should have been doing all along to look their best. Your wife or girlfriend, once content with lifting pink dumbbells and running on a treadmill, took one look at Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet and magically became interested in setting PRs, building thick, muscular legs, and learning to clean and jerk. Maybe she even bought a pair of bootie shorts. Thank you, CrossFit.

Your turn: Share something great you’ve read this week!


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