Lacing Up the Running Shoes Again

I’ve been home from the National Agility Championship for a week now, but I’m still suffering the effects–a nasty viral thing that’s left me feeling like poo (sore throat, cough, bleh). But I’m still flying high from my best friend and her Cardigan Corgi winning the national championship in the 4″ Preferred division! It was awesome to watch, and she so  deserves it.

Merinda and PNAC Porter!

Merinda and PNAC Porter!

Getting back to normal life, I’m getting back into running. I missed a few races due to scheduling and finances–why are half marathons so darn expensive?? But when a local racing company announced a new race series that includes a 5K, 10-miler and a half marathon. It’s going to run through horse country (I’m seriously lucky to have such beautiful running views), including a Thoroughbred horse farm. The one kicker is it’s in mid-June, which can be a very hot time in Kentucky. But, I bit the bullet last week and registered before the price went up. I figure I’ll train my best for it and see what I can do, and don’t expect a PR from this race.

So now that I’ve finally registered for my third half marathon, it’s time to get serious about training. I’ve been doing some longish runs with friends while they prepare for their races this Spring, running up to 8 miles, but nothing too serious. But now I really have to start being serious. I don’t want to overtrain like I have in the past, which has caused some injuries that have curtailed my running. So I’m planning on sticking with my CrossFit WODs at Man O’War CrossFit, long training run on the weekend, and one or two shorter runs during the week. There will be some weekends where I won’t be able to run, but that’s OK.

I kicked off my training with a fun group run back with the John’s Striders, a group I trained with a lot last year. On Saturday we met up for a quick 2.5 mile “warm-up” run before we had a wedding-themed 5K for a couple getting married later that day. We ran around the Chevy Chase area, stopping at different places that were special. The end of the race we stopped at the church they were going to be tying the knot a few hours later and the leader of our group pronounced them “Running Partners for Life.” It was real sweet! (Not the 7 miles I was planning, but it still worked.)

Steven and Ryan, "Running Partners for Life"!

Steven and Ryan, “Running Partners for Life”!

For now it’s time for me to figure out my training and re-figure my nutrition. It’s time to get serious about eating healthy again. Any advice will be appreciated!

Your turn: Have you ever participated in a themed training run?

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