Good Reads: Crazy Journalists, CrossFit Rules, Spring Cleaning Challenge

Happy Friday!! Time to share some reads I’ve enjoyed lately.


20 Problems Journalists Deal With on a Daily Basis (NewsCastic): If you’re a journalist or freelancer like myself, you can totally agree with just about all of these. I can’t tell you how many times I struggle waiting for sources to call or email me back, and then when they do, sometimes it’s at the worst times (in the middle of a run, while walking my dogs, dinner with M, etc.). But as a freelancer, you just grin and bear it and ask to call them back, hoping they’ll answer…and you can meet deadline.

CrossFit 101: 22 Rules to Avoid Being THAT Athlete (CrossFit Surf City): It’d be great if  I could make a poster so we could hang it up at Man O’War CrossFit. I’m especially fond of making sure you’re coachable and to always cheer on everyone even if you’re the first to finish. I always cheer on my peers, and after an extremely rough upper body WOD on Wednesday that saw me being the last to finish, I was appreciative of my friends pushing me to get through the last 50 push-ups. You definitely also have to check your ego at the door in CrossFit. Which is your favorite rule?

7 Day Spring Clean Challenge (Perfectly F.I.T.T.): Spring is always a time to refresh your home and yourself! I love the idea of this challenge to kickstart the new season, and it starts March 17! Clean out your freezer, cabinets, fridge…your life! Join in!

What if Everyone Ran? (Mom’s Little Running Buddies): She took Mizuno’s clever series about what if everyone ran and added her own thoughts. Really cute and worth a read! What do you think would happen if everyone ran?

This weekend I’m headed to my first dog agility trial since November and I’m so excited! We have just two more weeks until I head to Pennsylvania for the AKC National Agility Championships. I hope you have a good weekend!

Your turn: Share one of your favorite reads from this week below!


2 thoughts on “Good Reads: Crazy Journalists, CrossFit Rules, Spring Cleaning Challenge

  1. I loved the 20 problems…and have or have had most of them! Ok, I never drank wine under my desk, but did I ever hop out of bed telling someone I was on the way…sure!

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