I’m a Proud Daughter: Mom’s Update, 100lbs Lost

During brunch Christmas 2012 my mom announced she was going to have bariatric surgery in the coming months. In July she underwent Roux-En-Y Surgery to start her on the road to better health and a better lifestyle.

Just a few weeks ago she hit a major milestone: 100 pounds lost. She was so excited she texted me as soon as she weighed herself. I knew that was such a big number to her and she felt so proud and accomplished of her hard work.

It hasn’t been all easy, though. Some people might think that having bariatric surgery is the easy way out, and they’re wrong. There have been some trips back to the hospital to have the hole stretched wider when she was having troubles swallowing. She’s had to manage multiple stomach issues–sharp pains, nausea, cramping.

She’s lost some hair due to insufficient protein intake–she was getting nauseous drinking protein shakes. Thankfully. though, we discovered the problem for why this was happening and now she’s taking in protein in more unique ways, like adding protein powder to her oatmeal in the morning and juice in the afternoon, instead of milk. Now her hairstylist has pointed out some regrowth already, which makes my mom very happy.

She was doing well with daily walks to the barn with my brother-in-law, starting first with her walker, then her cane. Unfortunately the poor weather in Indiana has stalled those outside walks. However, she is now able to walk around without her cane! It’s such a big step for her because it means more independence and shows she’s getting stronger.

She’d love to ride her stationary bike that’s been collecting dust in her bedroom, but unfortunately her knee has been giving her troubles lately, not allowing it to bend enough to pedal, but hopefully she’ll be able to start back up to walking, as soon as the snow melts and the weather is nice (which we wonder when that’ll ever happen).

She’s able to go out to eat, but she knows to be careful on appetizers, and focuses more on fresher ingredients. She loves how she’s now a “cheap date” and orders a small meal, but gets two or three more meals out of it later.

I’m not sure what her final goal weight is, but now that she’s down in the mid-200s, I know she’s on a roll.

Here’s a before photo from Christmas 2012:

Christmas 2012 with my momma

Christmas 2012 with my momma

And here is her “Mid-Progress Photo” taken February 16, 2013, just shy of 100 pounds lost:


She looks younger, and is feeling younger. You can definitely tell in her face, and definitely the fit of her clothes. She’s been wearing shirts that were too tight on her, but now they’re too big and baggie–it’s time to do some shopping for smaller sizes (we don’t even know what she’d wear–she was wearing 24/26).

I’m so proud of her, and I can’t wait to see how she does this spring/summer/fall as she’s able to start doing more.

Your turn: Do you know someone who has had bariatric surgery? How have they been recovering?


8 thoughts on “I’m a Proud Daughter: Mom’s Update, 100lbs Lost

    • Thank you, I will! She’s surprised at all the positive comments she’s gotten, but I don’t see why. We’re excited for the future now.

  1. Megan, she looks FANTASTIC! She’s gained 10 years back in her face, such a testament to her hard work and the the value of being healthy I’m so proud of, and happy for, her! Go Mich!!

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