Beer and Running = A Perfect Partnership

Anyone who runs knows the importance of carbs…it’s our fuel. Beer is a carb. So it’s not surprising that you see beer stands at the finish line of half and full marathons.


And it’s not a surprise that some local breweries are starting to have running clubs. In Lexington, we have quite a few different running groups and clubs that I’m a part of, and I love it. I’ve talked about my love for running groups on here before, but I definitely have found that meeting up with people who hold you accountable for your mileage is the best motivator. It’s gotten me back into running this winter.

Tuesday night I met up with a friend for the weekly West 6th Brewery Running Club. Everyone meets and goes out on their own on 1.5 or 3 mile courses (there might be some longer ones), then grab a complimentary soft pretzel, water, and maybe a pint or two of the micro-brewery’s monthly selection, and enjoy. I just started running with them this year, so we do a 3-mile route through downtown. It’s definitely different contending with traffic, stoplights, etc., so it kills your pace, but it’s also nice to have so many people running with you.

Free swag? Sold!

Free swag? Sold!

One of the cool things about this club is that after a certain number of runs, you’re rewarded with swag. Tuesday I was surprised with a t-shirt–sweet! The next level is a BPA-free water bottle and then a pint glass, all with the brewery’s logo. Great way to advertise, huh?

I’m doing my best to get back into running more consistently now. I’ve found a race that I can actually afford to enter, it’s a new half marathon (with a 5K and 10-Miler) in the area this June and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been helping my friend Joy train for the Run the Bluegrass, so I’ve been running with her for her long runs, so why not aim for a half marathon this summer? I’ll tell you more about it when they get all the details nailed down. For now, if you’re interested in a rolling race in gorgeous Thoroughbred country, check out the Bourbon Derby by 3 Way Racing.

Your turn: Do you have any local breweries that have running clubs? If not, maybe you can start one!


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