Sometimes You Just Gotta Do Nothing

Continuing with my theme of “Sometimes You Just…” that I guess I started last week, I give to you the OK to be lazy.

If you know me, you know that that was really hard to say. I hate feeling lazy. I hate being lazy. Growing up on a farm instills in you that you spend as much time outside as possible when the sun is out and the weather is decent. You wake up early and get moving early. You don’t spend hours in bed, and you don’t spend days not doing much.

But this weekend was a rarity for me. After waking up early to meet a friend for an 8-mile run Saturday morning, I came home to walk the dogs (well, Dally plus two dogs from my friend that I was watching) two miles, showered and then settled down with compression socks and knee sleeves to recover. I had every intention to spend the day writing articles, blog posts, and cleaning the house…but none of that happened.

Sunday is usually my one day to sleep in. I did sleep in…until 7. Then I rejoiced in the quiet of the house until M came home from work at 8. We had a lazy Sunday morning breakfast: he had scrambled eggs with chicken, cheese, and salsa, and I had scrambled egg whites (w/1 whole egg) with sautéed spinach, chicken, cheese, and salsa and leftover Amish cinnamon sugar bread (recipe to come). Considering my mornings are usually rushed between coming home from CrossFit and getting ready for work, this was nice.

The rest of the day? Well, after grocery shopping, it was supposed to include writing and cleaning. Nope…not much of that happened. I did do some laundry, and I ended up pushing myself to belt out a story (out of two), but not the productivity I was looking for.

When I complain “I feel so lazy…I have done nothing all weekend..” M reminds me that I ran 8 miles Saturday morning and was dog sitting all weekend. Yes, but that’s not the productivity I’m talking about. “It’s OK to just relax…it’s OK to just do nothing,” he says.

Sometimes the lack of motivation might be your body and your brain’s way of telling you to take a break, to truly rest your body and mind. Maybe you don’t feel a cold coming on, but your body might be fighting off illness, and you just don’t know it at the time.

Sure it means you have to make up for it later, but hopefully by then you’ll have the energy to accomplish everything you need to.

Sometimes you just gotta do nothing…and be OK with it!

Your turn: How do you feel about lack of productivity on the weekends?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Do Nothing

  1. Hey, great post!! I don’t feel good about it!! I usually have a long run Saturday and feel fantastic after, but then Sunday (recovery day), I feel a little down because I feel like I’m not being productive.

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