Good Reads: CrossFit Open, Peyton Manning, Food Prep & More

It’s time to share some more good reads and a little link love, a couple of posts might be older, but still a worthwhile read. I hope you enjoy!


For Each And All (CrossFit Games): An inspirational post about why people who aren’t top athletes are signing up for the CrossFit Open. “Why not me?” has been said a lot lately since the Super Bowl, so why not me? Man O’War CrossFit has been encouraging all of its members to sign up, and while I haven’t yet, I will if I have an extra $20 to spare. Have you signed up yet?

Dear Mr Manning (The Denver Post): This might be a couple of weeks old, but it personifies  exactly why I love Peyton Manning so much, and not just because he was drafted by my beloved Indianapolis Colts. I hope more professional (and some collegiate) athletes can learn from him about how to be prideful, but not full of yourself, and how to be a star. Who’s one of your favorite athletes?

Top 10 Foods for Sunday Food Prep (The Lean Green Bean): I’ve recently tried to start doing Sunday food prep mostly because of inspiration from Lindsay’s blog. These tips are a big help for anyone who is starting and feels a little confused as to how to get started.  Have you started weekly food prep?

Thing I Hate Most About My Blogging (Fitting It All In): Clare is always so open about her life, which is inspiring because to me she’s fearless. There are times I just want to say it like it is on here, but I hold back because I’m worried about backlash, etc. I haven’t mastered blogging yet, but with inspiration from the likes of Clare, Lindsay, and Tina, I can only get better.

WIAW: Positive Body Talk (The Real Life RD): Again, Robyn is so straight-up, tell you like it is in all of her posts. This time she talks about how her body perception isn’t always 100% positive, but she combats a bad (“point five”) moment with thoughts of how we are all stars in our own rights. Negative body thoughts can suck the life right out of you, according to Robyn, and I agree. But, as women, we have such a hard time combatting that. We all need to find our own light to shine brightly. Thanks for that reminder, Robyn!


3 thoughts on “Good Reads: CrossFit Open, Peyton Manning, Food Prep & More

  1. I wouldn’t say that I’m great at weekly meal prep, but I have been doing SO much better with planning ahead before I go to the grocery store. I can make it 3 weeks without heading back with some advanced planning which has made my wallet much happier 🙂

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