Back on the Running Bandwagon?

I haven’t been running much lately. OK…I haven’t been running much for almost a year now. I admit that I haven’t run as much as maybe I should–one of my 2014 goals is to run at least twice a week–but considering the winter weather we’ve had here, running outside isn’t much fun at the moment, and I’m trying to avoid hitting a treadmill.

Last week I got in a great 6 mile run with the rare mild weather and my friend Joy, so this Saturday we were aiming for 7. The Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon hosts monthly training runs over its course, with 4-, 7-, and 13.1-mile routes for training. Last month I tackled the 4-mile route and added on an extra mile to hit 5. But Saturday dawned freezing–18*, but clear skies and clear roads (which is rare around here with the snow and ice we’ve had).

So here came 7 miles. I hadn’t run in a week, only did CrossFit three times the week before (coach was sick, so my mornings were all sorts of messed up), but I felt I had fresh legs and could tackle the hills in the cold.

We kept a good pace, stopping after 4 miles for water at a water stop. We finished in about 1:12, which is pretty good for lack of training, the cold, and the hills.


It felt great hitting the road again-it helps to have a friend as motivated as my friend Joy has been this winter. She’s training for the RTB and just signed up for the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon to go for the Kentucky Half Classic, a special medal they’re giving to those who tackle both half marathons within a month. I’m envious because I have wanted to run both races in the same month, and want to run in the Derby Half badly, but I can’t afford the registration fee. 😦 So, basically, I’m training with Joy for fun…no race in the future, but just as a support.

It’s hard to motivate yourself without a goal to push towards, though, and while I’m sitting here icing my ankle (some slight ligament soreness), I’m thinking maybe it’s crazy to potentially hurt myself for no upcoming race.

Until then, I hope to continue lacing up my Sauconys and enjoying the pounding of the pavement with no pressure.

Your turn: Have you ever pushed yourself with no apparent goal up ahead? How do you deal with disappointment of not being able to do something like run a favorite race?


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