Good Reads: Failing Reps, Saving Relationships, Winter Shape Up

Another chilly week means another week or searching for some fun, educational reads that I’d love to share with you!


When to Move On… (Catalyst Athletics): I found this post one day after failing on a 75 pound snatch at Man O’War CrossFit. I dislike snatches…I think a lot of people do. There’s just something about them. I attempted the 75 lbs a couple of times, walking away each time. I then went back to the PVC pipe to work on my form, dropped weight back to 65, and performed a successful snatch. I stopped for the day, mostly because we had a WOD to do and I knew I was getting tired. It was probably smart, after reading this article. What move have you had trouble with lately? (Another good read from Catalyst Athletics, for those having issues with their knees and squats: Squatting, Valgus Knees, The Knees-Out Cue…)

The Questions That Will Save Your Relationship (Huffington Post): I might not be a stay-at-home-mother, or a mother at all, but I am married, and I am already feeling like the usual questions M and I ask each other at the end of each day are throw-away questions already, and we haven’t been married for two years yet, even. We have to really be thoughtful in our questions towards each other if we really want to talk with our loved ones.

Winter Shape-Up 2014 (Fannetastic Food): Looking for a little extra motivation during these cold Winter months?? Anne, with Fanntastic Food, and Gina The Fitnessista, are teaming together to provide you that motivation with this fun Winter shape-up challenge! Anne’s providing the nutrition insight, while Gina is providing the workouts. It’s free to join in, plus there are some pretty cool prizes. I’ll be participating, and so should you!

You turn: What good reads have you stumbled upon lately?


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