Good Reads: Dogs & Running, Type A’s, Infertility

I have yet another rendition of Good Reads, this time it’s a little all over the place, but that’s  OK because hopefully there’s something here for everyone! So snuggle up with a warm blanket, a fuzzy friend, and get ready for some link love.


10 Ways Having a Dog is Like Running (Olive To Run): I love, love, love this post! As a dog mom, and as a (sometimes) runner, I totally agree with all of these! Especially No. 2, I truly understand how running (or even just working out) and your dogs can be there for you no matter what.

16 Signs You’re A Little (or A Lot) Type A (Huffington Post): Umm…yes. I hate waiting in lines–I feel like it wastes my time. Speaking of which, I hate wasting time. I do tend to talk over or interrupt others…but I’m always so sorry that I do! I have a hard time falling asleep at night (my mind won’t shut off), and everyone has a hard time keeping up with my long, fast strides on the sidewalk. Shall I go on?

It’s Not Easy for Everyone (The Lean Green Bean): This is a very raw, emotional post by Lindsay, and I have to give her props for being brave enough to post it for everyone in the world to see. While M and I are not in a place to have children right now, I know friends who struggled for years to try to conceive, and I know their trials and tribulations. And I appreciate the frustration that those who are struggling feel with those who have “oops” occurrences. Kudos to her husband for contributing to the post as well. No matter where you are in your personal life, read this.

I Don’t Give a Damn (Olive To Run): I know I don’t usually feature multiple posts from the same person on here, but I loved this post! This was a reminder to me that I don’t need to give a damn about what anyone else think, just worry about my own happiness. This is a reminder to you to worry about you!

Your turn: What was your favorite read in the past week?


2 thoughts on “Good Reads: Dogs & Running, Type A’s, Infertility

  1. I love Lindsay, she and I have become good friends through blogging and I was so proud of her for that post.

    Thank you for sharing mine, it means a lot to me.

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