Football Fanatics & Yummy Food

One of the things you’ll first notice about M and I is that we’re both football fanatics. We love football, and we love our teams. We’re both Indianapolis Colts fans (I don’t think I could marry any other fan haha), love the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and will cheer against any SEC football team, no matter what! (If you live where I live, you’d understand.)

Even the pups get in on the football action. They didn't care the Colts weren't playing--we still consider Peyton Manning a Colt!

Even the pups get in on the football action. They didn’t care the Colts weren’t playing–we still consider Peyton Manning a Colt!

We love to try to do big things for big games–New Year’s Day we always have a get-together with friends with tradition New Year’s Day foods to bring good luck for the year (corned beaf, anything black eyed-pea, anything round) and the college bowl games. Super Bowl Sunday? Definitely have to celebrate with friends…and food.

So Sunday we knew we had to have a gathering for two great games–unfortunately our Colts lost to the Patriots last week, but we still had Peyton Manning (forever a Colt) and the Denver Broncos to cheer for against the evil Pats.

On the menu? CrockPot Potato Soup…so good and so easy!

One of the best "football meals" ever! So easy and so yummy!

One of the best “football meals” ever! So easy and so yummy!

Happily, the Broncos won, so you know who we’ll be cheering for in the Super Bowl! 🙂

We celebrated with some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. It’s a mouthful to say, but so delicious!


So now we have plenty of leftovers for our lunches, which is always nice. The soup and chicken pockets will be easy to heat up at work on the cold days we’re expecting to have this week, plus it’ll be nice to start the day with some PBCCP Bread for breakfast. We also have lots of shredded chicken for me to come up with uses for this week, since we had a lot left over from the pockets.

I’ll share the recipe for the chicken pockets later this week!

Your turn: What’s your favorite football food line-up? We usually do chili, or soup, of some sort, so it just depends!


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