Good Reads: CrossFit Finds & Starting 2014 Right

My first Good Reads of 2014! Through the holidays I had seen some great links about CrossFit and other ways to kick off the new year, so I saved them so I could share them with you!


20 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year (Mind Body Green): The new year means a fresh start, so you don’t want to carry around grudges or negative thoughts into that fresh start. I know I would love to just dump all the negative thoughts and negative energy from 2013. I particular like #3, 13, 16, and definitely 20. What about you?

CrossFit Women: Dirty Little Secrets (The Box): Masculine man hands? Oh yeah, I’ve got those. Preworkout poo? Sorry, gonna get a little personal here, but yeah, I do that too, even before my runs. Not pretty pee pants? Well, I have to admit I hadn’t heard about that at all until I read this… Swass? Yeah…hello summer workouts! So, OK, ladies, let’s read, laugh and admit our dirty little secrets below.

Squats are Safe, But You’re Probably Doing them Wrong (The Blog on Huffington Post): I can totally relate to this article because I remember initially thinking that squats should only go parallel with the floor. When I started CrossFit it was hard to break that habit for about a week, until I was constantly (nicely) reminded to “Get LOW!” However, I am having a hard time with the “sets of five reps doesn’t hurt your knees” because my knees are always bothering me and it makes it hard to get below parallel. Perhaps I need to work with my coach more on my form before I continue adding weight to my bar. How are your squats?

I hope you enjoy these good reads! If you’re anywhere amongst all the snow, I hope you’re staying warm, cozy, and safe! Lexington’s frigid with some slick spots, but no snow to really play in.

Your turn: Share your favorite read from the week below so I can discover more!


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