Saying Goodbye to 2013

Happy New Year’s everyone! I am definitely happy to see 2013 go away–this was one year I didn’t feel bad was going by so quickly.

The past year has been one of so many changes for me. From professional, personal, location, and physically, I’ve changed in so many ways.

A crushing blow slapped me upside the face mid-year in which I was forced to take stock in what I wanted to do with my life. I dove back into my freelancing, only now full-time. I had to push myself to get out there and network with other publishers. It’s been fun writing for different magazines and trying to create my business. I’ve started a professional site for my work and will continue growing my business throughout the year.

I’ve since accepted, and started, a new job at an animal health technology company in a newly-created position. My boss is hilarious and very laid back. The job itself is a little mundane as I start sifting through 15 years of work that’s been lacking. I’m interested in seeing how this job and my career grows in 2014.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so down. But I’ve never felt as crushed, lost, bitter as I did midway through the year. I was diagnosed with depression and put on some prescription medication to help with things. It wasn’t meant as a permanent solution, but just to help balance me so I didn’t alienate my husband, family, friends, and ruin things like my partnership with my dogs in agility.

If I hadn’t dived into CrossFit like I had, I don’t know where I’d be today. My Man O’War CrossFit community helped me make it through everyday more than they really know. I was forced to wake up to my alarm clock in order to make it to the morning class. After class, I knew I had to walk the dogs, take a shower, and take care of myself. Without those workouts, I probably would have stayed in bed, been a slob, etc.

Speaking of CrossFit, I became stronger in so many ways this year. My mental and psychological strength grew while I was getting myself out of my slump. I learned to focus on different things rather than the “I can’ts” because of CrossFit. I’m stronger physically because I can know deadlift and back squat my body weight, hit the 100s in cleans, and continually see improvement on things everyday.


I ran my half marathon PR on the hilliest course in the area, and crushed my 5K PR on the anniversary of my race running debut. I overcame injuries, thanks to physical therapy, and I realize that strength is more important than anything. I haven’t run as much as maybe I should the last half of the year, but I’m going to get back into it and learn to balance CrossFit and running training and hope for an injury-free 2014.

So proud!

So proud!

Finally, M and I moved to a new house just a few weeks. We may have only moved a few miles away, but it’s a symbol of a fresh start for us and our lives, which is something we desperately need. The new house allows us to start new, positive memories. (I’ll have a post about it soon, because we’ve been doing some speckling and painting!)

Sean even helped pack--he wanted to make sure we didn't forget him.

Sean even helped pack–he wanted to make sure we didn’t forget him.

I’m still considering my goals for 2014, so that will come at a later time. All I know is that I’m hoping for a happier, healthier, luckier year. It’s a fresh start, and I’m happy to dive right in!

Your turn: 2013: Good or bad year for you?


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