The Big Move

I warned y’all I was going to be a little quiet for a while. Truth is, I just didn’t have the time to focus on even writing a simple blog post. December has been a big month for us, so far, and it’s only half-way done.

I started my new job at the beginning of the month. Things have been going well, but I’m still in the process of getting to know people, learning my position (which was created just for me, so we don’t really know what it’ll encompass just yet), going through lots of ISO training, etc. When I come home, I walk the pups, and just wanted to relax and spend time with M.

We moved! Oh yeah…that’s right. By the way, we found a new house to rent! And it’s only like a mile and a half from our old house. It’s great–bigger house, bigger back yard for the girls, nice neighborhood. We basically had only a couple of days to move last week because we wanted to beat the winter weather that was coming. M and I did most of the move ourselves, but we were lucky to have some friends stop by for a couple hours here and there, so that in 48 hours we had moved houses. Saturday was spent unpacking and organizing in the new house, then Sunday we finished cleaning the old house and putting away boxes and containers in the shed at our new house.

Sean even helped pack--he wanted to make sure we didn't forget him.

Sean even helped pack–he wanted to make sure we didn’t forget him.

The pets took the move pretty well–the cats love the multiple windows to sit in and watch birds, the dogs love the large yard. And we love the bigger rooms. We still have some things to do–we are going to repaint some of the rooms (I’ll post photos later), and a little more decorating, but for now it’s cozy. Sunday night I was even able to put up our Christmas tree and some of our decorations to make the new house festive and cozy.

Our cozy living room with a fireplace and our tree!

Our cozy living room with a fireplace and our tree!

I’m still doing CrossFit, but going to the earliest class, which kind-of stinks because I miss my 7:30 am buddies and those who came in later, but I’d rather push to go earlier so I can get my workout in before work than wait until the evening. I have some thoughts to share on my fitness and health lately, so look for that in an upcoming post.

I got a new phone. I’m no longer part of the “Apple crowd” with an iPhone (though I still have my MacBook). A couple of weeks ago the top button on my phone stopped working, which meant I couldn’t lock the screen, I couldn’t turn off my phone, etc. Then it started shutting itself off. Best Buy had a big sale on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and M as been talking about switching because he had heard so much about them. We did our research, talked to people, and I (reluctantly) dove into changing phones. I’m still getting used to it, and still miss my iPhone, but it’s not too bad.

Oh yeah, and I’m still trying to do the Elf4Health Challenge! I wasn’t able to do some of the challenges due to the move and new job (i.e., run your fastest mile), but I had already done the clean out your pantry challenge with cleaning out things for the move. We also did the clean out your closet and donate challenge with the move–easy and done! (Though we usually always do that at least twice a year when we get out our winter and summer clothes.) Yesterday’s challenge of doing a wall sit was something I knew I just needed to do right after my WOD at Man O’War CrossFit. So after a hellacious WOD complete with 60 wall balls, double unders, and a 100m walking lunge, I went straight to a wall and made it through a 90 second wall sit with quivering legs. Killer!

wpid-wallsit.jpgFinally, can you believe Christmas is a week away?? It’s hard, right now, for us to get into the Christmas spirit around here, but we’re trying! M has to work on Christmas, so for the first time in my life I won’t get to celebrate the holidays with my family in Indiana…and I’m heartbroken. So we don’t really know what we’ll do, yet.

Your turn: Are you still working out through the holidays? Any interesting moving stories you can share? (Our move was actually drama and story free.)



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