Silent Nights…It’s a Little Quiet Over Here

Just a quick note to let y’all know I’m sorry for being so quiet lately. On top of me starting my new job and getting used to a whole new schedule (and new stressors), M and I are currently packing up our house of 3.5 years and moving to a new house this week/weekend. Every afternoon I have come home, walked the pups, then started packing things. By the time I stop, I’m too exhausted to even want to read some of my favorite blogs, let along write in mine.

So I hope you understand! I’ll be back after we get a little more settled and I’ll update you on everything. I hate to feel like I’ve dropped the ball, but hopefully soon that’ll be rectified.

Until then, have a great week! Stay healthy! And enjoy as much Christmas festivities as possible! (And then tell me about it!)

Seeing Santa is old hat for Dally, however LaMesa's not too sure about the fake beard...

Last year’s Santa photo with the pups. When I can get ours back from this year, I’ll share them!

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