Gratitude for Life, Happiness, & New Starts

I’m a day late, but on Sunday the Elf4Health challenge was to make a gratitude list of 20 things you’re grateful for. This was a fun, yet maybe a little difficult, challenge that we did last year, and I’m happy to do it again this year.

So, in no certain order:

  1. My husband. I never thought I would find someone who could put up with my smart ass attitude and my different swings, etc. I’m also thankful for all the times he’s made me laugh.
  2. My parents. As if I needed to point it out, but I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for their patience, support, and cheerleading. I’m a very lucky girl.
  3. My dogs. Everyday, no matter how bad things were outside of the house, no matter how bad the day as, I can come home and they make me smile and laugh without pause. They’ve helped me get through a lot of things.
  4. The horses. I still swear that my horses helped make me the person I am today. Growing up with horses helped give me a purpose and direction in life (and, for that, I can thank my parents as well.
    Is a childhood dream meant to stay in your childhood?
  5. My friends. So we might not agree all of the time, and we might be different in quite a few ways, but I can always count on my friends to laugh with me, commiserate with me, and just plain hang out.
  6. My body. No, I might not be in love with the shape of my body, but my body allows me to put it through the misery of CrossFit and running. I might be getting a little achy nowadays, but I won’t stop moving it!
  7. CrossFit. Oh, yes, I have to be thankful for CrosFit. I have learned a lot about myself, and it has helped me get through some really tough times this year.
  8. Coaches. I’m thankful for all of the coaches/trainers that I’ve worked with through the years. Whether it be my CrossFit coach, Taylor, agility instructors, horse trainers, team coaches, they’ve all pushed me to do more and be a better person in many ways.
  9. Christmas. It might sound odd, but I’m thankful for a holiday that still has so much magic tied to it–people are generally better people, and the festivities are always so much fun and make you feel like a kid again. We need that more than once a year.
  10. Technology. It can be a good, and bad thing. But technology has allowed us to keep in touch with family and friends far away, and do work in better ways.
  11. A New Year. I’m going to be so thankful for 2014. M and I are hoping 2014 is finally our year, where we can start to enjoy each other without the stress of being unemployed, unhappy, etc.
  12. Our freedom. We are a very lucky country, and we have many men and women to thank for putting their lives on the line everyday for our freedom. Let’s not forget them.
  13. Fleece. OK, so I went from one serious extreme to an off-the-cuff one, but as I’m sitting here wearing my fleece pants, while wrapped in a fleece blanket on this cold evening, I’m thankful to have this fabric to keep me comfy and cozy all winter long!
  14. Writing. Because of my ability to write, I’m lucky to have my freelancing business that I launched this year. Plus my writing in this blog, as well as my dog agility training blog, has been great for a mental release.
  15. A Good Pair of Shoes. A good pair of shoes can help you run 13.1 miles comfortably, or stabilize you in a clean and jerk, or make you feel sexy while out to dinner with your husband. A good pair of shoes (or even boots) is so important!
    I swear I told my bridesmaids they didn't have to have matching dresses or shoes...they just agreed on everything!
  16. Lexington. I am lucky to live in the middle of horse country. Lexington can be so pretty any time of year. If you haven’t experienced it in the spring yet, you definitely need to–beautiful blooms and lots of Thoroughbred foals frolicking in the fields.
  17. Our New House. We’re moving this week to a new rental house, and I’m excited about it. We’re still in a nice location, but this house has a bigger backyard for the pups, plus a screened in back porch (perfect for the cats), and just exactly the fresh start we’re looking for.
  18. My New Job. It feels odd going back to work, but yet like normal, even though I haven’t worked in an actual office setting for six months. I’m thankful for the steady paycheck and hopefully new skills that I’ll learn from my new co-workers.
  19. My Senses. I love the smell of leather, horse sweat, vanilla, and clean sheets. I love the sound of horses nickering, barbells clanging in the box, and a diesel truck. I love seeing my pups wiggle their stumps and horses streak across the horizon. I love petting my animals and the feel of soft leather. And I love the taste of chocolate, a good spaghetti, and bourbon. I’m lucky to have all of my senses.
  20. A Good Sweat. I love the feeling of a good sweat, and I’m thankful for that feeling and for being able to pull that off. A good sweat can clear your mind, arteries, and set you back on the right track.

This relaxation was exactly what we needed.

Your turn: List two things you’re grateful for!


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