Thankful Letters, Colorful Meals, New Job

It’s been a busy, busy week. I spent the rest of Thanksgiving holiday on my parents’ farm, spending time with family, my horses, and just relaxing, which was much needed.

Sunday I came home to my offer package on a new job, which I started on Monday. It’s been a long time coming, but I started a new part-time job working as a digital content coordinator for a pharmaceutical company. It’s a brand new position, and I’ll be learning a lot, I’m sure. I have to figure out my days now–when to go to CrossFit, when to walk the dogs, when to focus on my freelancing business… But it’ll be a good challenge and a good change.

Now for an update on the Elf4Health Challenge:

Saturday’s challenge was to treat myself. I spent a beautiful morning riding my horses, my mom and I went out for some shopping, some bagels from my favorite bagel shop, and some yummy lattes. It was definitely what we needed.


Sunday’s challenge was to complete 100 burpees. Burpees suck…period! But 100? Woo! But it was great to do to burn of the turkey.

Monday we had to handwrite some notes. Unfortunately, after my first day on the job, stressing about finishing an article, and getting some bad news on my husband’s potential job, I found it hard to do a handwritten note. So I put it off until Tuesday afternoon and wrote some notes to my friends who have had my back lately. It felt great to pass on the cards for a little surprise.


Tuesday we needed to eat the rainbow. I started out strong, with scrambled eggs with salsa and Green Goddess juice for breakfast (and half a banana with peanut butter before CrossFit), fumbled a little at lunch (honey crisp apple and half a peanut butter whole wheat sandwich–boring), but then lots of color when we went for dinner with friends to my favorite Mexican restaurant.



Time to tackle the rest of the week. I hope you’re having a good one!

Your turn: What’s the most colorful meal you’ve had this week?

4 thoughts on “Thankful Letters, Colorful Meals, New Job

  1. Yay new job!

    I’ve been keeping up with the challenges, too. I did OK with eating the rainbow. I had strawberries and yogurt for breakfast and a salad for lunch. My plan was to make butternut squash soup using your crock pot recipe but the day got away from me and before I knew it I didn’t have time for the prep work. We had regular chicken soup instead. It had a lot of hidden color, but it wasn’t exactly vibrant.

    Hope the rest of the week’s challenges are going well!

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