Thankful for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful to be home with my family–I haven’t been home in months. Unfortunately M and I are spending the holiday apart because he has to work tonight. But he’s alright with the pups and I being gone–it means a quiet house for him. 😉

A quick recap of Elf4Health activities so far this week: Monday you read about my MeatlessMonday butternut squash soup and whole wheat herb and cheddar biscuits. Tuesday’s activity was to unsubscribe from those emails and catalogues that you don’t really read any more. I saw a lot of the elves unsubscribed to tons of emails, and that’s great. I didn’t really keep count of how many emails I unsubscribed from, but I can say that there were a few that felt great when I clicked “unsubscribe”–they were newsletters that I used to put together in my old job and emails I’d get for my old job. To unsubscribe from them was very therapeutic for me. I had been meaning to do this for quite some time, but never really got the gumption. I’m thankful for this challenge to make me do it.

Wednesday was to try a new workout. Since I was traveling for a good part of the day, I hit up the earliest class at Man O’War CrossFit. On board for the day was two WODs I had never done before: Elizabeth and Karen. (We had been doing benchmark girls all week.)

Ring Dips
Done in 8:03 w/65 lb cleans (95 lb Rx) and banded ring dips

Wall Balls
Completed as Rxd in 6:09

The best part of this morning butt-kicking workout? My 6:09 ended up being the best time in our box so far! I was able to put my name on “The Wall”! This is one of the few “girl workouts” I can do as prescribed and I was pumped. (Though I’m not sure how long that time held through the day, I’ll check next week. But for now, I’m darn proud of that time.)


Today’s challenge is call up someone to chat. But since I’m at home for Thanksgiving, and we’ll be with family, I’m going to take the time to listen and talk with everyone, face to face, since I don’t get to do that very often.

This morning, though, I ran in the Drumstick Dash in Indianapolis! I was so excited when I discovered that I’d be able to run in this race, finally. It’s a 2.5 or 4.6 mile run/walk that benefits the Wheeler Mission, a group that helps feed the homeless. It’s the 6th largest Thanksgiving Day race in the country, and the 3rd largest race in Indianapolis (the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon and Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure are #1 & #2 respectively). I talked my sister and brother-in-law into walking the 2.5 mile portion, as well as my brother-in-law, so I was really excited about that. Then I found out my youngest cousin was running the 4.6 while my aunt and uncle were walking the 2.5 portion. So I ran the race with my little cousin!



It was a very cold morning: Only 25* when we got to the race. We got there an hour early because we weren’t sure of the traffic, but that also meant spending a lot of time outside not moving much. By the time the gun sounded I couldn’t feel my toes! (I took my white fleece off and put it in my bag that my sister carried before we left for the starting line.)

My cousin usually runs at an 8:45 mile pace, and in the cold I told her I usually run 9-9:30 min/miles, but we decided to run together to motivate each other. It was pretty fun to run with her–we haven’t gotten to chat or hang out very much since we’ve gotten older, so it was a fun race. We were impressed with the firefighters running in full gear while carrying oxygen tanks, axes, and hoses. There were people wearing shorts (crazy!) but a lot of us were bundled up. We ended up finishing the race in 40:17! That’s an 8:30 min/mile average! That’s like my race pace personal record! (Same with Gretchen’s!) So awesome!


We finished the morning with meeting my parents for breakfast (thank you to those people working restaurants on Thanksgiving) and enjoyed more family time.

I hope, wherever you are, you’re enjoy Thanksgiving with loved ones. I’m thankful for my family–the support and ever-ending love they’ve given me all my life, especially lately, has kept me going. I’m also thankful for those keeping us safe, even on a holiday, and our armed forces.

Your turn: What are you thankful for?


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