Recipe Adventures: Tuna Cakes

Ever just get a craving for one main ingredient and want to find a way to make it different? That’s how I was about tuna the other night. I just felt like having tuna, but I didn’t want to make the same boring tuna salad like I usually do, I wanted to make something a little more sophisticated. So I did a search of my Pinterest recipes, and then searched online until I found a tuna cake recipe that required only the ingredients I already had and went to work.

I used this recipe on as the base. When I finished making them, I decided to then incorporate a chipotle mayo for a sauce, just in case it needed to be kicked up a notch. So I used the recipe from the mayo from this tuna cake recipe (which I didn’t make because I didn’t have any Old Bay Seasoning, nor any panko), but substituted plain Greek yogurt for the light mayo.

The overall impression? It was a good base, but I need to add more to the tuna cakes for more flavor. I’m thinking maybe some minced garlic, or even just buying some Old Bay Seasoning. I also though about dicing up some green and red pepper to include, since I’ve had crab cakes with peppers inside that were delicious. The cakes I made held up well in the pan (after I make the patties I put them in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to firm up some, definitely don’t skip this step.)

I served the tuna cakes with some SteamFresh veggies with pasta and fruit for a well-rounded meal. I wish I had leftovers to flake into a big salad, but maybe next time?

Here they were in the skillet (I failed to get a photo of them on our dinner plates):


Your turn: Share your most recent recipe adventure!


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