Sweat Out the Sickness

Over the weekend I woke up with my left ear seeming like it’s blocked with a bubble. I just had this feeling I was starting to fight off some bug, but I just kept going. Wednesday I woke up and decided I wasn’t feeling like CrossFit (what!?), and knew I needed to get a run in, so I slept in and then hit the street for 3.5 miles. It was a rough run–the last half was uphill and in a headwind (yes, seriously), but I finished it in good time and even walked the dogs afterward.

As the evening went on, I knew I wasn’t going to luck out on missing the sickness. My throat started to hurt, I was exhausted…I was sick. Whomp whomp

But I decided to still go to Man O’War CrossFit for our usual Thursday partner WOD. When it comes to being sick, I hate it. I always believe I feel better after a good sweat session–sweat out those germs, right? (I know, I know…as long as I disinfect everything I touch and don’t high five anyone…precautions, precautions)

But boy did that workout kick my butt! We ended up making it a threesome WOD (there was only 3 of us), which might have been a good or bad thing, which ever way you look at it: we didn’t have to do as many sprints, but we had to do twice as many rounds of box dips and knees to elbows.


Afterwards I stretched out, did some ab work, and felt like I caught a second wind so I bundled up and walked the pups their usual 2 mile walk. I was pretty worn out by the time we came back, but after some hot oatmeal, peppermint green tea, and a hot shower, I was back to the grindstone of transcribing interview after interview. Yippee.

Don’t worry, I’m taking it easy the rest of day drinking lots of fluids (orange juice, green juice, water, and peppermint green tea) and resting. DayQuil will be my friend for the next few days. I’m really hoping to beat this thing before next week!

Your turn: How do you combat a cold? Do you believe in sweating out the germs?

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