October Goals Review

Every month I’ve been setting small, attainable, goals to accomplish. Some I rock with no problems, others I might struggle with, but the fact that I’m putting them out there for everyone to see has made me more accountable. Now it’s time to fess up and see how I did with my October goals:

  1. Run/walk 70 miles. Oh yeah, finally rocked this goal!! The total ended up being 78 miles! It might have been walking than running, but I’m OK with that.
  2. Continue to work on my kipping pull-ups. I wasn’t as successful as I’d like to admit. I did work on kips a few days here and there, especially with doing toes to bar, but I really need to be more serious about it. If I want to compete at a CrossFit competition soon, I have to be able to do unassisted pull-ups, which means I need to kip!
  3. Plank A Day. I didn’t do a plank everyday, but I made sure I did one at least a few times a week, and holding them for at least 90 seconds at a time. It made me more aware that I need to do more core strengthening on top of my running and CrossFit workouts, so I think that’s an accomplishment.
  4. Re-work/Re-design my blog a little bit. Well, this one everyone can see–I did at least redo my header–what do you think? I’m stuck on how else I should change things, so I need your help. What do you think would make my blog more attractive and more inviting for you to read?
Kept track of my mileage on our awesome chalkboard. (Disregard M's mileage haha)

Kept track of my mileage on our awesome chalkboard. (Disregard M’s mileage haha)

A couple of brags from the month of October:

* My new 5K PR that I set in the Race for the Cure in early October:
* New front squat (130) and clean (110) PRs set at CrossFit!
* M and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and my mom and dad celebrated their 40th!

I need to finalize my November goals, but I don’t want to keep repeating what I have up here. Hopefully in the next day or so I’ll be able to post them for you.

Your turn: How did October go for you? Any big accomplishments to celebrate? Brag about it!!

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