The Stress of Looking for a New Home

I’ll admit it, I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, and I’m sorry! There’s been lots of stuff on my plate, but I wanted to thank you for all the kind words I’ve received about my depression post. It was a very hard post for me to write, but I’m thankful for the encouraging words from everyone.

gg63232454Another thing that’s been a bear on my shoulders has been house hunting. M and I have been renting the same house for more than four years, and in the last week our home owners have decided to sell the house. Since we are not in a position to buy, this means we’re out–unless they sell the house to someone willing to continue renting to us. That also means we’re having to keep the house tidy and clean for the listing photo shoot, showings, and who knows what else. When someone wants to look at the house, we have to straighten everything up, remove personal items/photos, grab up the pups, and leave for however long. (The cats get to stay, and we just hope the people don’t let either of them outside.)

It’s stressful.

On top of that, we’re house hunting so we can move quickly–there’s some bad blood recently and it’s probably just best if you move on. Still unable to buy, we’re searching for houses in our area (we love where we are) for rent. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many houses available in November and December because, like we’ve moaned already, who wants to move in November or December??

It’s very stressful.

But no worries, I’ve been taking my house-hunting stress out at Man O’War CrossFit just about everyday–it’s my kind of therapy!

In all of our time searching for houses, I’m trepidacious about having complete strangers coming and looking at the house while we’re gone. I know what we do and where we look when we’re looking at houses, so I know potential buyers will look in our closets and see my bras hanging there (I have nowhere else to put them), they might look in our bathroom cabinets to see how much storage there is, they’ll see photos or nicknacks that we haven’t hidden… It just seems like you’re being violated every time someone new comes to look.

So M and I just try to take things easy and make people wonder about us. I mean, what else can we do, right?

I’ll keep you posted on how things transpire. We think we’ve found a cute house just a mile or two down the road, which is good. It’s more in rent than we’re used to, but the back yard is bigger (yay for the pups) and so is the garage. Until then, I’m working on some posts for the next few weeks. (Soup/chili round-up anyone??)

Your turn: When you’re house/apartment hunting, what’s the one thing you have to look for/at when touring a potential home?


3 thoughts on “The Stress of Looking for a New Home

  1. Many of the houses we looked at were empty when we were searching. I felt very weird about walking through a house that was still occupied. I felt weird looking through the closets and the cabinets. I just felt like I was violating someone’s privacy. Maybe it was harder to see how things fit in a space, but it was also nice to be able to come back whenever we wanted to scope out the property. Considering how weird it was for me, I can only imagine what it must have been like for the seller.

    I’m sorry you’re going through so much. Are you working with a real estate agent? I know they can sometimes be pricey, but when you have a good one, the help can be invaluable.

  2. I feel your pain! My husband and I have been house hunting for two months and have submitted three separate offers and not got any of them. It’s stressful and hard to keep living in limbo. I also was so disappointed to not put out fall decorations this year in the event that we’d buy a house and have to start packing!

    A lot of the houses have been vacant, but I we looked at one house that the homeowner walked us around to each room. We weren’t allowed to look in a room without her and even open up a closet! It was so bizarre.

    I hope you find a place soon, so you can relax! Send you good house hunting vibes. 🙂

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