Happy Halloween! Scary Candy Facts

Happy Halloween everyone!! This is usually one of my favorite holidays–I love going to haunted houses with friends, and I get excited to have trick or treaters at our house (growing up on a farm in the country, you don’t get many). Unfortunately this year we just haven’t been able to get into the Halloween mood–no haunted house visits, no visits to a local orchard/pumpkin patch, no pumpkin carving. But, I’m still determined to enjoy the trick or treaters (even though Lexington has pushed TOT back to Friday due to impending storms tonight). LaMesa will probably even dress up for the occasion:

LaMesa the Swedish Minion.

LaMesa the Swedish Minion.

No one can deny the wonder that is Halloween candy. I mean, c’mon, candy corn?? LOVE IT!

But this online post made it a little scarier to dip into our candy bowl while waiting for trick or treaters: Ohhhh, the Halloween Horror: Thinking about Candy in Burpees

Now that’s just mean, to make something as innocent as a little Reese’s Cup seem like death. Here are a few stats from the article for a 140 pound woman:

220 cal (5 Reese’s minis) / 1.11 (at 140 lbs) = 198 Burpees

200 burpees for just 5 Reese’s minis?? Oi vey! I shared the article with my coach at Man O’War CrossFit because we all know how much CrossFit coaches love burpees. Thankfully he didn’t tease us with candy during the workout this morning. But I think this morning’s workout allows for me to enjoy the holiday a little:

20131031-123923.jpgI finished in 31:45. That’s almost 2 miles of running, plus burpees! Whew! I didn’t the Rx, but instead 45 pounds for the power snatch, 55 pounds for the power clean, and 65 pounds for the power jerk. At first it all seemed easy, but then you have to remember you have to do those movements again…after running…and after burpees. Ugh. My legs are toast!

Now it’s time to settle down and do a lot of transcribing and article writing–8 freelance articles are due by the end of November! Happy Halloween!


Your turn: What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Are you dressing up yourself, pets, or kids?



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