CrossFit: Fit to Fight it Out

Just as I was trying to get back on a roll with my workout posts, I skipped a week…fail!

The past two weeks has mostly been CrossFit. I did squeeze in a couple of runs, but nothing to really brag about.

We’ll hit the first four (missed) workouts at Man O’War CrossFit:


Monday: This was a workout that I was excited to get going because I was hoping to get a new PR. I ended up improving my clean PR from 105 to 110 pounds! It felt good to have a new PR in the box because it had been a while.

Tuesday: Pull-up hell! Plus we had to clean our barbells, so that meant not being able to really squat a whole lot. I stuck with 65 pounds through the whole WOD because my arms were getting tired from all the pull-ups. I was able to finish the WOD before the 15 minute time cap.

Wednesday: Cardio hell! This was a rough morning workout. Ryan and I were the only two in our class, so we pushed each other and fed off of each other–I liked that. On the Every Minute On The Minute WODs, you tried to give yourself as much time to recover and catch your breath. I’d finish the 15 wall balls in about 30 seconds. I did the AMRAP with a 42 pound kettlebell and did 4 rounds. The last EMOTM was rough, though!!

Thursday: Yet another chance at a PR, only with the dreaded snatch. I didn’t do as well on this as I would have liked, but the snatch is a very awkward movement and I’m still working on my form. I lost my record, but I think I got 65 or 70 pounds.


Friday: This was a long, rough WOD, but I finished in under 25 minutes. Our air squats were changed to goblet squats with 35 pound kettle bells, which were also used with our lunges (I changed to 26 pounds for the lunges after a while). By the time I got to the box dips my arms were like JellO and I placed my foot down to help stabilize,

Monday (this week): Another rough cardio WOD. The weights were done with kettle bells, so I used a 35 pound bell. All I could think about was trying to get everything done quickly because I did not want to do any more 100 meter sprints! By the time I got to the burpee tuck jumps, I really was only able to do three tuck jumps, then I just hoped to try to get some air between my toes and the floor. Still working my way up, I did the box jumps on a 12″ box with a 45 pound plate.

Tuesday: We worked on our basic movements of split jerks, yet another awkward movement that we don’t work on as much as maybe we should. I got up to 75 pounds with a push jerk and split jerk. I started to feel some soreness in my right shoulder/bicep so I took it easy on the WOD with just 55 pounds.

Wednesday: This WOD wasn’t as hard as you’d think it was. My shoulder/bicep was still giving me trouble (Taylor says it’s bicep tendonitis), so instead of handstand push-ups, I did ring pulls. I did singles until the end and did 10 double-unders–I’m still trying to get consistent with my double-unders and I knew it’d take me forever to do that many.


I squeezed in a couple of runs in the last two weeks. They weren’t really for distance, but just to get out and run. Last Wednesday I ran 2.5 miles because I just wanted to get in a good sprint. I finished with a pace per mile at 8:30–pretty impressive!

Then on Sunday, I had planned a 5 mile run but I just wasn’t feeling it. I took a route that I knew had some turn offs, just in case I couldn’t finish the run. I’m glad I did–when I got to about 3 miles, I just wasn’t feeling the best, so I turned for home. I got in 3.61 miles in 32:53 (avg 9:07). Hey, a run’s a run.

Overall, I’m doing better physically–I just need to figure out my eating. I don’t feel like I’m eating a lot, but maybe just not the most well-rounded diet.

Your turn: What’s one improvement you’ve seen in your workouts and/or runs in the past two weeks?


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