Sometimes You Just Gotta…

A little bit of a random post today, but I got to thinking on my short run Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes you just gotta get some stuff out of your head and written down…

Sometimes you just gotta…. Push yourself on your form during a CrossFit WOD. You have to put your ego and urge to increase your weights aside and remember that without perfect form, you can hurt yourself as you increase your weight. I had to remind myself of that Tuesday morning at Man O’War CrossFit. The WOD called for overhead squats, front squats, and rear squats, all increasing in weight. As the workout progressed, I knew I’d be tired, so I stuck with 55 lbs for all three, making sure I kept my chest up and went below parallel each time.


Sometimes you just gotta… Eat a lot of carbs. Monday night was my last night of reffing sand volleyball for the year, and one of my favorite teams came from Cracker Barrel and brought me a box full of their biscuits, which I love! It was perfect for the chilly evening, and I might have a few too many by the end of the night.

Sometimes you just gotta… Give the house a good scrubbing. After my workout on Tuesday, I just couldn’t take how dirty the house seemed to be! The last week or so has been one of neglect when it came to household chores. So I broke out the mop and bucket and scrubbed the hardwood floors. There’s something about a clean house that quiets the mind and relaxes me.

Sometimes you just gotta… Run. I’ve been itching to go for a run lately. I’m not sure why, but after said CrossFit WOD, dog walk, cleaning the house, and doing some yard work I laced up my running shoes and set out for the 2.5 mile loop around the local park. I finished the 2:58 mile loop in 21:57 (8:30 mile average, woot!). It was hard, but I felt so much better after I ran and took a long relaxing shower. I’m not sure why I needed to run–maybe it’s because I knew this was the last warm Fall day we’ll probably have all year (maybe the last shorts/t-shirt run of the year?). I’m so happy I did, though.


Could this have been the last run in shorts for the year? I hope not!

Sometimes you just gotta… Be silly. I have been working on a Halloween costume for LaMesa for this weekend’s Canine Olympics and I hope it’s going to be epic! I’ve been wanting to dress LaMesa in this costume for a while now, and have been trying to figure out how to do it, and I’m so excited that I did. Every time I have her try it on to make sure everything is coming together well, I just can’t help but laugh and smile. I’ll post photos when she debuts her costume. Hopefully we’ll bring home a couple of medals.

Your turn: Finish this sentence: “Sometimes you just gotta…” 


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