Attack of the Box Jumps

Wasn’t it just last week I was talking about CrossFit “badges of honor“? Ugh. I probably shouldn’t have said anything. I now have a pretty big “badge of honor” thanks to yesterday’s WOD.

The workout was surely going to be a killer:

7 squat cleans
8 burpee box jumps
9 rounds with a 30 minute time cap

I was working with 65 pounds for the squat cleans and using a 20-inch box jump. After Monday’s WOD (snatches and deadlifts), I didn’t think my legs were too tired, but as I started the first round of squat cleans, I soon discovered they were tired. But I pushed through all 7 squat cleans and started in on my burpee box jumps.

The first two jumps onto the box I could really feel it in my quads. I remember looking over at Cari and Valentina with a look like “OMG My legs might not make it through this workout!” I think it was the third jump that I barely made it up. So I shook my legs a little, did a burpee, then attempt to jump onto the box. It happened so fast: my left toe hit the top edge of the box (while my right foot made it up on top) and I crashed my shin into the box. I  cussed a little and walked away to try to shake it off. A few asked me if I was alright and I thought I was–it just smarted. Then I looked down at my leg…. NOTE: Never look down at your injuries! I saw the scrape all down my shin, even seeing a little white and my mind went into overdrive–is that bone?? OMG Did I break something??

That’s when I got real dizzy and nauseous. I limped to the bathroom and almost passed out. After a while of writing on the floor in pain, I made it out of the bathroom and back into the box. I wanted to get to my phone to have M come pick me up. After I called him, Coach turned the fan on me and tried to help me feel a little better. I basically went into shock upon seeing my leg. It took M no time to get to the box (he was on his way home from work), but it took me 20-30 minutes to be able to sit up without feeling dizzy and close to passing out. Meanwhile, we shared stories of “badges of honor” and Natalie told me about when she got hurt pretty badly on the box jumps.

I came home and rested my leg the rest of the day. I iced it multiple times, took Ibuprofen, and then later in the evening, when the skin wasn’t so sensitive to touch, I did an Epsom salt soak to help with the swelling and soreness. I’m happy to report that the swelling has gone down, but it’s still sore and a little sensitive. I’m taking the day off (minus walking the dogs) from working out, and hope to get back to the box on Thursday (but no jump/running).

This was a couple of hours after coming home and icing my shin.

This was a couple of hours after coming home and icing my shin.

Now I’m worried about getting my confidence back on box jumps. It took me a while to work up to the 20″ boxes–I’ve never been one to have a big vertical jump or anything. Natalie warned me it’ll be a while before I’m comfortable with them again, so I plan on taking my time.

I think the next time I start to boast about my “badges of honor” I’ll think twice–not sure I can get anything bigger than the scrape I have right now.

Your turn: Have you ever had a crash and burn in the gym that’s gotten you thinking twice about why you do what you’re doing? I know for a moment there I thought “Maybe I’m done with CrossFit…” but I know that was just crazy talk!

4 thoughts on “Attack of the Box Jumps

  1. I hate that this happened, but your post made me feel better! Today I did the same thing attempting a 30″ box jump! I’ve done 30″ before but I wasn’t so confident today! I shouldn’t have done it, or at least put my knee sleeves on my shins! I too, got very dizzy and cold sweats. I’ve experienced that before with an injury with pain (spraining my ankle, etc). I am currently icing my leg as the tissue around it is also swelling….OUCH!!

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