Badges of Honor? CrossFit Battle Wounds

You know that moment when you feel like “Yep, it’s official…I’m crazy”?

No? If you do CrossFit, you surely know what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about what some CrossFitters call “badges of honor”…those battle wounds you get from a particularly tough WOD.


My first CrossFit battle wound was from box jumps. I had only been doing CF for a month or so, so I was working on the 16″ box with a 25-pound plate on top. I started over-thinking things, and as I jumped up, I stubbed my toe on the plate, sending me forward and nailing my shin on the corner of the box. It wasn’t anything horrible, just a small bruise and puncture, but it smarted! (And I still have a little scar from it.)

Tuesday, though, I had that “Yep, it’s official…I’m crazy” moment. We were doing one of our “Tough Tuesday” WODs, and after 80 toes to bar, my hands had had enough (and I still had one more round to go).


Yep…I ripped my hand open. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. I didn’t even know I had done it until I looked at my hands. I used the 90 second rest to tape up my hand so I could continue my last round, then instead of doing the last 20 toes to bar, I laid on the ground and did 20 leg lifts. I was proud of my new battle wound…which meant I was proud to be crazy.

I went home and trimmed off the skin and washed it to get the sweat and chalk off. Boy let me tell ya…it hurt like none-other!! I treated it with antibiotic ointment and a bandage and set about my day. It’s healing pretty well, but it makes doing pull-ups or anything that rubs your hands a little difficult.

I had been using a callus shaver in the shower, but apparently it wasn’t enough. Oh well.

Other battle wounds include bruises….lots and lots of bruises. Bruised knees from burpees, bruises on your thighs from clean and jerks, bruises on the front of your shoulders from setting the weight for front squats…

It also makes me think about the battle wounds of a runner–we sport blackened (or lost) toenails and tend to be proud of them.

Your turn: Share your crazy badges of honor from whatever workout(s) you enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Badges of Honor? CrossFit Battle Wounds

  1. Tip for the hands: ripping is never fun. so try and shave them down everyday, and on top of that use a foot lotion to try and keep the calluses soft. If you keep them soft they wont get hard and bunch up when you are on the bar.
    Or make the tape grips to protect your hands. You’ll most likely want to use them while your rip heels.

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