Double Duty Rehab

So remember that pesky patellar tendonitis? And the pesky heel problem? Yeah… They’re still there.

Last week I went to the physical therapist to have some more ultrasound done to my knee and I mentioned my heel hurting. I told Ryan I was doing research and most times my heel makes me think of plantar fasciitis, but other times it doesn’t. He had me take off my shoe and sock and he pressed one spot on the inside of my heel and I jumped off the table. Yep, it’s PF… So, on the sly, he did a little electro-therapy to my heel while we ultrasounded my knee and talked about what I could do to help both problem areas.

After being released from physical therapy a month or so ago, I lapsed on doing my exercises to build up my hips like I was doing (dutifully) multiple times a day. I was still stretching just as much, and while I was getting stronger with the CrossFit, I had to remember that most of the workouts did not work the muscles needed to strengthen around the knee (seriously, squats don’t work?? Yet we do a ton of them everyday!). So Ryan suggested I go back to using my band and doing the exercises at least once every other day, if not everyday, and continue with the stretches. We’re going on month 4 of this tendonitis not 100% going away, and that’s cause for concern.

As far as the PF goes, I need to be more conscious of doing the stretches and exercises–I’ve done them when I’m thinking about them, but not consistently. Also, I might need to take a break from running for a couple of weeks, just to see if that’ll help heel the micro tears. I’m continuing to use my PowerStep insoles (just purchased a new pair in July) in almost all of my shoes, which should help as well. I just need to be more conscious about my shoes/foot strike/etc. right now.

So how am I handling the situation? By doing double duty rehab. Every morning, after CrossFit and after walking the dogs, I stretch more (I stretch a ton before and after our WODs at the box), then I do my band exercises:


I’m also icing my knee if it feels a little sore, just to keep the inflammation down. And while I’m icing my knee, I roll a frozen water bottle under my foot for massage and icing (in fact, I’m doing both right now as I write this blog post–can I multi-task, or what!?).

Easiest form of rehab: rolling your foot with a frozen water bottle--it lets you do other things while rehabbing!

Easiest form of rehab: rolling your foot with a frozen water bottle–it lets you do other things while rehabbing!

I’ll do heel raises off the curb every time I go outside with the dogs, and lightly stretch.

This not running thing is killing me, though, especially since the humidity has broken and it’s much cooler out! But, I know it’s the best for me in the long run, and right now running with pain in my heel doesn’t entice me as much as it used to…

So that’s my plan of action. We’ll see how well this goes through the next week or two…

How do you handle nagging injuries?


2 thoughts on “Double Duty Rehab

  1. I’m going to be in your position (I hope) in a few weeks. Now I’m in a cast and can’t do nothing. If all goes well, I’ll be out of it in 4 weeks and able to do some rehab stuff. We’ll see. Thanks for writing this post. It helps to read. Recover now to run later is my goal.

    • Best of luck with your recovery! What injury are you coming off of? I just keep trying to tell myself that I’ll be fine not running for a couple of weeks…or else I might always have pain, which I don’t want. I’m only 30–can’t be crippled like I’m 80!

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