September Goals

It seems like everyone is doing monthly goals–I think it’s the new way to combat the lack of follow-through with New Year’s resolutions. But, it’s a good idea–the best way to accomplish something is to break it up into smaller pieces. Once you complete one small step, you’re more prone to want to continue working towards that next step to finally accomplish the ultimate goal.

I’ve been experiencing a serious lack of motivation lately. There are a lot of different explanations for that, but mostly it’s because I’ve been depressed lately (more on that lately) and it’s hard to really pull yourself out of the gutter when you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything, so I’m going to give monthly goals a chance.

So here goes:

  1. I’d like to finish LaMesa’s Excellent titles in agility this month. (Update: I already completed this goal this past weekend!! She finished her Excellent Jumpers title on Saturday, Aug. 31, and her Excellent Standard title on Sunday, Sept. 1! Way to start the month!)
  2. Meet my September deadline early, and then get a good head start on my October article deadline.
  3. Take my women’s multi-vitamin everyday. (My mom recommended I start taking vitamins–I’m usually really bad about it, so I really want to try to get into a habit of taking them.)
  4. Get in at least 70 miles of walking this month. (I’m trying to take it easy on my heel as I work through plantar fasciitis, which means less running. Plus the promised cooler weather will be good for the dogs.)
  5. Keep a positive attitude and try to not let things get to me as much as I have lately.
  6. Work on my kipping pull-ups everyday I’m at the box. (Taylor worked with me last week on my kips, so now I need to put it to work and work on it everyday.)

Six goals might be a lot, but I think I’m up for it. You gotta start out somewhere, so why not stat like this?

Your turn: What’s one of your goals for the month of September? Do you like monthly or yearly goals?


4 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I love this idea and you have set some great goals for yourself. It’s important to remember, even if you miss a day (ex: the vitamins), it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Thinking of it as a chance to start fresh the next day is how I keep my motivation up on less than stellar days. ❤

    • Very good point about not feeling defeated after one missed day/goal! I have to remind my husband that–just because you slipped once doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it all away. Thanks!

    • Thanks! Your goals sound great, too! I’ve even made our giant chalkboard a place for us to keep track of our mileage this month. Needless to say, M has a ways to go… 😉

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