Good Reads: All About CrossFit

I know lately I’ve been talking more about CrossFit than anything else. After reviewing my blog, I realized a lot of it was recapping my daily WODs at Man O’War CrossFit. But I can’t help myself–I’m addicted!

And it’s fun to read about CrossFit from other sources. So I thought I’d share a few links worth reading, if you are a fellow CrossFit athlete, or if you’re thinking about starting it. Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve done link love.

CrossFit Gear: Whatcha Need versus What’s Nice to Have (Carrots N Cake): Thank you to Tina for this great list!!! I need a new pair of shoes for CrossFit like whoa, and I’m hoping to save up some money to try the Reebok Nanos. Also, it’s a great idea to purchase a jump rope to try to work on double-unders on my own at home.

Dear CrossFit: It’s About the Sex (jtkalnaynovels): This takes a funny look at how CrossFit improves not only your health and physical condition, but your physical attraction to the opposite (or same?) sex. We all know how much in awe we tend to get while watching our fellow athletes perform the gymnastic moves in the box, but how about in the bedroom? Learn how burpees, push-ups, and planks also help add to your repertoire… 😉

The 10 Toughest CrossFit Exercises ( Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean Blog posted this in her weekly Bean Bytes and said she agreed with this list, except for burpees and box jumps, and believes snatches are #1. I would have to agree with snatches, but I would have to add overhead squats–those are my nemesis! Box jumps can be scary, so I think they should be towards the top of my list. My top five: Snatches, overhead squats, double-unders, thrusters, and muscle ups (haven’t even got to that point yet!). What would your five be?

Share your favorite read from this week below! 

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