Ending (Your Gym Membership) is So Hard To Do

Wednesday morning, after a tough double workout of a 4.3 mile run followed by CrossFit, I drove over to my old gym with the intention of canceling my membership. I walked in, started to stand in line and then…I balked.

Was I sure I wanted to cancel my membership? What if things change down the road and I want to start going back? I’ll have to pay a signing fee (again) and probably be charged more monthly than I do now ($24.95 a month, plus bi-yearly fees). What if it’s been decided that I shouldn’t be running and need more cardio (spinning class)? 

All these thoughts just flooded my mind and I turned around and walked back out.

I haven’t been in my old gym for three months, since I started going to Man O’War CrossFit. I’ve been running, walking the dogs, and doing CrossFit, not spending time in the gym like I used to. That’s about $75 down the drain because I haven’t used it. When things are tight financially like they are in our house right now, that’s a lot of money.

My regular gym has let me down in the past--most of the treadmills didn't work this winter during my half marathon training. But there was always spinning as a back up...

My regular gym has let me down in the past–most of the treadmills didn’t work this winter during my half marathon training. But there was always spinning as a back up…

I love my box, and I love spending time outside, but soon the weather will be turning and I’ll need to take my runs indoors again. Sure the cheaper gym ($18 a month) closer to our house has treadmills, but there aren’t classes there, so goodbye spin class. Is it worth it?

I’m traversing into the unknown–it’s been a long time since I didn’t hold a membership to a conventional gym.

What have you done when battling tighter budgets and gym memberships? Should I jump ship, or continue to keep paying for a membership I may or may not be using in the next few months?


3 thoughts on “Ending (Your Gym Membership) is So Hard To Do

  1. maybe explain the tight budget to your gym and ask if they will put your membership on hold for a couple of months. you will probably have a better idea what you want to do in 60-90 days and can decide then.

  2. I understand completely. When we moved, I initially kept my gym membership at the Y because it was still close to where I worked. I had intended on going there before or after my shift. This rarely happened. I could have moved my membership to the Y that was closer to my house, but it didn’t have the same kinds of programs that I had enjoyed at mine (yoga mostly). It took me a while to buckle down and realize that I wasn’t going to go anymore merely because of the distance.

    Since then I’ve done all of my working out at home. Thankfully, Chuck has a weight bench so I can get plenty of weight training in with the added benefit of not being surrounded by meatheads. I started walking and jogging and got back to walking once we got the dog. Last winter I used Nike Training Club for cardio when it was too cold to go outside. I don’t really miss the gym, but I do miss the yoga classes. At this point, if I had the money, I wouldn’t join a gym, but I would start taking yoga classes again

    If it’s the cardio thing you’re worried about, would it be possible to purchase an elliptical or stationary bike? In the end, it might be cheaper than a gym membership you never use.

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