Alabama Adventures

This weekend M and I decided we needed to get away for a couple of days. Unfortunately, when you have a very limited budget, your dreams of a cabin getaway is a little too far fetched. Thankfully some friends of ours invited us to drive down to Athens, Alabama, to visit them and stay on their farm. They’ve only just moved onto the farm less than a year ago, but it’s so nice!

The weather wasn’t perfect–we were hoping for it to be warm and sunny so we could take advantage of their pool, but instead it was cloudy and cool. Oh well, we had plenty to do to keep us occupied.

Friday night we joined Megan and Wayne for a donkey penning they were competing in for a benefit. Donkey penning is where there are seven donkeys, each with a number around their neck. You go out in a team of 3 horse/rider combinations. The announcer will choose a number, and you start with that number. One by one, you must pen each donkey (and keep them penned) in numerical order (if your number starts with 3, you must go 3-4-5-6-7-1-2). You have 90 seconds to do so. Here’s a video of my friend Megan (sorry it’s poor quality, this was with my phone and it was dark):

Then Saturday morning I joined the group for a 2.5 hour trail ride along the Tennessee River and in the Tennessee Valley Association area. Megan was able to get a horse for me to borrow, so I jumped on the opportunity. (M, meanwhile, slept in to make up for the lack of sleep he got Friday.) The ride was enjoyable, with great views and great company.


Logging in the Tennessee River.

Logging in the Tennessee River.

Finally, Sunday we went kayaking! I’ve been wanting to go kayaking for forever, and when Megan mentioned it over dinner, I was stoked. M had never been kayaking, either, so we chose a fairly quiet route down the Elk River, starting in Tennessee and then going about 5-7 miles into Alabama. The weather was fairly warm, but overcast. The river was quiet, with us only floating by a fishing boat once. We just relaxed with some snacks (my rice whiskey treats were a big hit) and some beer to pass the time.

Wayne, Megan, and M ready to set off on our kayaking adventure.

Wayne, Megan, and M ready to set off on our kayaking adventure.


This relaxation was exactly what we needed.

This relaxation was exactly what we needed.

Rice whiskey treats = the best kayaking snack!

Rice whiskey treats = the best kayaking snack!

Overall, it was a great weekend, and I’m very thankful for our friends for hosting us (and the Stump Kids)!

M and I have decided we need to start kayaking more often. Have you kayaked before?

What’s one outdoor adventure you’re dying to try?


One thought on “Alabama Adventures

  1. How sad that people think they should do donkey penning. Donkeys are really smart and they will have a very difficult time being rehabilitated after being treated this way. So sad….. I hope you can be an advocate for the introverted sweet donkey one day. Please do not take this message in a negative light learn from it, knowledge is power and you can be a human angel for a donkey one day.

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