Fun in the Mud–Kentucky Warrior Dash

For the second year, I tackled mud, water, wooden walls, etc., all in good fun. That’s right, I was a warrior and tackled the Warrior Dash.

I wasn’t going to do it, because I missed the cheaper registration rates, but two weeks ago I got a Groupon for a deal I couldn’t pass up–$30 (when the last minute registration was like $75). So I forwarded the Groupon to my former co-worker, but still good friend, Tom, to see if he was game. I’ve missed Tom and I remembered how much fun we had doing the Warrior Dash and Extreme Rampage together last year, so why not tackle it again?

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that Tom’s almost 69 years old? Yep. And he has a rotator cuff tear. And he still finished the run. Badass.


Here were the obstacles, in order:

High Hay (3 lines of round hay bales stacked in 2 rows)
Barricade Breakdown (3 or 4 solid wood walls you climbed over, a little more than hip high)
Two By Fall (walk up a slanted 2×8, then walk over ditches on 2x8s using balance, and then back down)
Mud Mounds (3 long mounds of mud with mud/water/slop trenches between them that you had to either jump over or in)
Great Warrior Wall (Extremely tall solid wood wall with 2x4s nailed as “rungs”, and a nylon top to help pull yourself over)
Storming Normandy (going under netting bent over)
Trenches (dug into the ground you crawl in with barbed wire above)
Cargo Climb (use cargo netting to climb up and over a high point)
Giant Cliffhanger (another tall solid wood wall, only at an angle you start to run up, then grab the rope to finish climbing/pull yourself over, then go down a tilted wall with another rope)
Iron Crossing (cargo nets set to where you had to climb part-way up and then go sideways over a trench to get to the other side)
Warrior Roast (jump over two lines of fire)
Muddy Mayhem (crawl through mud/slop/water under barbed wire, then up a mid-height mud mound to cross the finish)

I have to say that this year I felt super strong. The first big obstacle was the High Hay and I was a little worried about running and jumping onto the first level of hay bales–I grew up climbing up round hay bales, so I know how tall they can be. But a simple running start, then launching myself up allowed me to grab onto the strings and pull up and over. On the Two By Fall, I was having a hard time using the rope to pull up, so I gave myself one more try by just using my hands to climb up using the 2x4s. Once I got up, I used the rope to pull myself over and then climbed down. As I landed I could hear my CrossFit coach, Taylor, yell “BEAST!” and I was pumped.

Tom bypassed a couple of the obstacles with climbing, like the walls, because of his shoulder. But that doesn’t make him any less awesome. He struggled with the end as well, and I got a little concerned that he’d get stuck in the slop. His glasses kept falling up, so he held onto them. After I crossed the finish, I came back and climbed back over the mud hill to cheer him on and offer a hand up if he needed it. He threw his glasses to me and ended up finishing on his own…BEAST!

It had been raining a good amount on Friday and overnight, so the course was slick! Parts that were muddy were sloppy and hard to get a grip. Parts that weren’t supposed to be muddy were muddy anyway. The course designers were still working on the finish because of the rain when we got there. We were in the second wave (9 am) and boy were we glad we were–I can’t imagine how horribly slick the course would be by 2 pm!

Here are some photos from the event. M joined Tom and I as our cheerleader, but he couldn’t get on the course to get action photos.




I love these obstacle races because they pose more of a challenge than just running, which fits my personality just great. I definitely feel stronger this year doing them, and I have to thank CrossFit for that.

I think we’ll be trying the Extreme Rampage in September, if there’s another Groupon. 😉

In case you want to see a video of the obstacles, check this one out on YouTube.

Have you done any obstacle races? What’s your favorite aspect of them?


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