Squeezing in a Workout

I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was a beautiful weekend–the weather couldn’t be any better for the first weekend of August (sunny, warm, no humidity). Saturday M made a delicious pizza with handmade honey whole wheat dough and his own pizza sauce. The dough should have been for two pizzas and we used it for one, so it was rather thick in the middle, but still really good. I think he’ll be making our pizzas from now on… 😉

Sunday morning I planned to go for a run, but I woke up not feeling so well, so it turned into a lazy morning. When we finally got moving, M and I took the dogs to the Kentucky Horse Park to walk around and enjoy the weather. We were treated to a polo match when we first pulled in–I love polo! Years ago, when I first moved to Lexington, I’d go to polo matches with Dally all the time with friends, but lately I just keep missing the matches. We sat and watched a couple of chukkers (“innings” in polo) before we parked the car and set about on our walk.

We’re so lucky to have something like the Kentucky Horse Park in our “backyard”–every weekend there is always something going on horse-related. Plus it’s just beautiful and peaceful.

The Stump Kids posing in front of the Alltech Arena--a large world class indoor horse show arena at the Horse Park.

The Stump Kids posing in front of the Alltech Arena–a large world class indoor horse show arena at the Horse Park.

We walked about 2.5 mile around the Horse Park, stopping to take photos of the girls and enjoying the scenery. But part-way through, while I was waiting for M in the bathroom, I decided to take advantage of the break to put together a short workout. The workout included:

10 handstand push-ups on the steps
10 dips on the steps
25 Russian twists
10 (assisted) pistol squats
3 Rounds

I did the assisted pistol squats next to the fence, listening to my poor knees pop and grate each time (they’re pretty beaten up). And M caught me doing some handstand push-ups (gotta work on those shoulders!):


It was a great, short workout! And it made me think–you can always squeeze in some sort of workout, no matter how little time you have. Waiting to pick your kids up from school? Get out of the car and do a circuit of air squats, jumping jacks, and maybe push-ups against the car.

Walking the dogs? Wake up your dogs (and you) with some short bursts of jogging to boost the calorie burn. Or, if you’re like me and sitting a lot on the couch working on an article, take some breaks to play with the dogs, run back and forth in the yard, or do some push-ups and sit-ups to stir up the creative juices.

I think a lot of times we get caught up in our busy schedules and put blinders on that we can’t multi-task. But you can…to an extent.

I also like to kickstart my CrossFit workouts by running the mile to the box, then depending on how much my butt got kicked in the workout, I’ll run/walk back.

How do you try to squeeze in a little extra workout (or two) throughout the day?


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